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September 2003 | Version 6.9

September Sky

Dear Compadré, Compatriot, Padré Hidalgo,
Sister You, Amma, Mama and Abba

With all the Marstalk lately, I haven't heard much discussion of the forthcoming Mercury retrograde (Aug. 28 thru Sept. 20). The retrograde -- which has been in effect for a few weeks due to the 'shadow effect', which I'll explain in a moment -- is in Virgo this time around. It is joined in Virgo by the sun, Venus, and Jupiter, and drawing energy from all the action across the dial in Pisces, in particular Uranus and Pisces -- oops, that would be Mars in Pisces, but it may as well be Pisces -- retrograde. Wherever it goes, Jupiter tends to make things larger, and Virgo is about technology. Mercury retrograde, as we know, often presents us with problems with technology, from cars to computers.

I suggest we make the connection between Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Sobig.F, since the two are coinciding in time and space. What has some computer analysts concerned is that Sept. 10 is the kill date for Sobig.F (embedded in the worm's code), which is leaving them wondering what's going to happen on Sept. 11. From what I've read, it may be the next version of Sobig or the worm may have left computers across the network vulnerable to some other attack. Or, as some have pointed out, maybe nothing is in store.

What bull pucky.

Looking at the astrology of Sept. 10 and 11 is reason to ponder. On Sept. 10, the Pisces full moon, featuring Sol in Virgo, with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter there too, and Café Luna in Pisces with Mars and Uranus and both square Pluto in Sagittarius.

Hmmmm. What shall I say. This sounds full of drama and intrigue. The next day, on Sept 11, Mercury, also in Virgo, retrogrades into a square with Pluto. Squares are points of ending, turns in the story, inner conflict and attempts at balancing, and almost always represent energetic equations where stress increases, at least temporarily. Combine the themes of Virgo and Sagittarius -- technology and global communication -- and we have reason for concern. At the moment Mercury squares Pluto, the moon is crossing the Aries point -- the highly sensitive very first degree of Aries -- a degree which can accentuate a state of widespread public contact.

Now, for the ever-important 'other way of looking at things'. (Okay I get it now. There is a collective event -- the finest elements are present: Aries point, Moon, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter Virgo. We learn something about something that was previously hidden. Big rocker vibrates the rafters on the topmost floor. Cause Celebre. Are you with me?)

Virgo factor brings in the Sixties factor. Those born aboard that particular starcraft are currently sitting at the wheel. Mars passes by some of the most vivid points in Sixties charts three times, joined by the likes of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and Moon and that means that a whole lot of people are getting their engines revved and their minds turned on. This all happens across Pisces Virgo, the ultimate statement of mind-body-astral body relationship. Much like Astrology, the Internet, a trueblue plane of reality, is a metaphor for the networks of light that we're weaving around the globe. It's a product of our consciousness and that consciousness is what can help keep it up and running. We're already connected; the Internet is just reminding us of that.

I really wish we lived in a world where fear was less necessary. Is it necessary? There are so many who are so intelligent, so many who are so loving. We certainly live in an overwhelming momen of history. People like to say this is the best time there ever was, we have such fine furniture and such. Maybe that's true. But I hope I'm not being presumptuous in speaking for you when I say that we could all use a lot less stress. And a lot more flexibility, that is to say, the Godmother's touch of freedom of choice. ++

Looking Ahead

As of this writing on Aug. 25, sun, Mercury and Venus are in Virgo. Mars and Uranus are in Pisces. The moon is in Leo. (There are two potent far-away minor planets hanging out in early Sagittarius, which are catching the energy of they inner planets as they go past.)

On Wednesday Aug. 27, there is a new moon in Virgo as Mars and Earth make their closest approach in 60,000 years. We need positive and life-affirming metaphors for this astrology rather than the usual doom and gloom that's going around the SOME OF but by no means all of astrological community. One positive station you've maybe seen is StarIQ.

Pluto in Sagittarius stations direct on Thursday, Aug. 28 as Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo the same day. Mercury stations (whether direct or retrograde) are surrounded on either side by what my colleague Jim Shawvan calls the Mercury Storm, which are generally the most turbulent days. We are currently in the storm phase.

Aug. 28, Mars and sun make their exact opposition. Earth, sun and Mars are aligned like the full moon; this is called sun opposite Mars. I highly recommend reading newspapers if you want to stay informed, and cutting the cord on your television. There IS a difference between print and broadcast media.

All the usual Mercury retrograde notices apply. Try not to rush. If you have to rush, do it slowly. Back up your computer extremely cautiously paying attention to what you're doing, conserve cash and credit, read everything twice (especially contracts), ask the obvious questions, have meetings in person rather than by phone or on email when possible, and beware of things that seem broken but are not. Often the "solution" in such a situation can be worse than the nonexistent problem.

Aug. 29, Uranus and Jupiter make their rare opposition aspect (the conjunction was in early 1997 at the time of comet Hale-Bopp, the big one with two tails). That's going to add some really interesting information to the mix. Sept. 7, retrograde Mars opposes Jupiter, adding passion and something more interesting than usual on television. These oppositions to Jupiter will bring something out in our relationships, as far as I can see something positive and passionate, and for that matter, inventive. There might even be a breakthrough in the Sobig case, if there happen to be more than two lonely FBI agents assigned to it.

Sept. 10 is the midpoint in the Mercury retrograde. Mercury is conjunct the sun and it's the full moon, too. Big day, another turning point of some kind.

Sept. 11 is the Sept. 11 anniversary. I have not mentioned that according to The Secret Language of Birthdays, one of the most effective esoteric tools I've ever worked with, Sept. 11 is "The Day of Dramatic Choice." People (and presumably events) born this day have lives "which pivot around certain vital and dramatic decisions which they are forced to make." It continues, "There is no denying that people born on this day enjoy shocking others. They pride themselves on daring to risk and also enjoy recounting their exploits later." In the weekly, I'll soon take a new look at the Sept. 11 horoscope.

Sept. 14 Uranus into Aquarius for rest of the year, then back into Pisces on Dec. 30 (on the anniversary of the in my mind famous Chiron-Pluto conjunction of 1999.

Sept. 20 Mercury stations direct.

Sept. 23 the sun enters Libra, which is the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the south.

Sept. 25 is the new moon in Libra -- this is quite close to the equinox, opposite the Aries point and conjunct a bunch of black holes in Libra.

Sept 27
Mars stations direct in the first degree of Pisces.

Sept. 28 Mercury repeats its square to Pluto.

Oct. 5 Mercury clears the shadow phase, officially ending this Mercury retrograde.

Have fun! Think before you sign! Send in stories of your adventures!

Of Olde: The Underground Grammarian

Planet Waves September Horoscopes

By Eric Francis

(March 20-April 19)
Your soul may be screaming, or perhaps rejoicing, that all the old moorings are gone, all the notions that kept you clinging to yourself, and all the fear that they engender. Recently I had a breakthrough about the nature of fear and guilt in my own life, and why these were so persistent. I realized in a rare moment of tuning into my psychic metabolism that I was addicted to these emotions and was, quite literally, feeding on negativity. In our world, we do have a choice of what power source we hook up to. Certain factors may mask the option, or create the sense that the qualities of existence never change. You are being confronted with the naked truth of your existence and the raw elements of consciousness. What you are made of changes as fast as your choices.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
What were you afraid of? I wonder if we need to even go there. It would be mighty embarrassing. 'I was afraid I might offend someone by breathing'. 'I was afraid that if I took a chance, I would fail, so I failed by not taking a chance'. 'I was afraid that if I let myself think, I might have to change'. Enough, right? Safety isn't all that safe. Often it seems like safety is just sitting around waiting to be threatened. You've likely discovered you need a more interesting game to play. Your new game needs to go beyond rationalization, beyond microscopic details shutting down the whole production, and a galaxy beyond the conservative reticence that so often binds you to your chair. You used to be a child. That child felt the struggle but was not overcome by it.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Memory and emotion are closely related. Cognition can be painfully divorced of feeling and contact with past experience. I suggest you use your brain as a cross-referencing tool, and spend a lot of time researching your footnotes. Memory and emotion need to guide your idea process and choices this month. You are very well positioned to break free of goals that are not your own, of vague notions of what you want that can never materialize because they lack substance, and, in particular, of your parents' delusions about the world. You are about to be pointed in a very clear, sure and productive direction. But if you're stifled by unanswered questions, nagging doubts and frustrations you can't quite feel, you may keep wandering. Your feet know the way -- especially your toes.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
One-on-one relationships tend to triangulate. That is, become threesomes. Even the paragon of bonded union, monogamy, does this in the form of a child being born, which changes all the dynamics of the original partnership. You could say that we change the world by showing up, and the world has a reaction, which we feel. Presently, you're learning new methods of making your impression on reality and, at the same time, structuring your life so that the world is less able to exploit your resources. What you're actually doing is changing the pattern of your relationships. Even under the best circumstances this is extremely challenging, but you presently have both unusual strength and an unusual necessity to make it happen. Just watch the energy flow around those third parties, and pay attention when you find yourself becoming one.

Leo (July 22-Aug 23)
Generally we bring part of ourselves into each relationship. Curious as this may sound, few partnerships can withstand a person showing up with their whole being. When one relationship becomes our primary vehicle for self-expression, what often happens is that many other aspects of who we are can get left outside the temple. I suggest you track what you bring into each partnership, and do your best to bring all of you into all of them. If an aspect of who you are or what you feel is not welcome with someone, now is the time to find out how and why. There was a time in your life when group encounters and same-sex intimates were much more important to you than they are today. They served a vital purpose -- as vital as you.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 23)
Those who debate conspiracy theories often miss the point that everything happens by conspiracy. That we may miss the connections doesn't mean they're not there. Your primary role within your life this month is to see the contact points, the places where cooperation flows, and the networks of communication through which everything materializes. Wherever you go, notice how you're walking on and existing within the web of life, and are as much a part of it as a spider is her web. Your world is poised to expand vastly and rather incredibly through these networks, if you can hold awareness of them and resist the rather strong temptation to feel like you're alone. Remember, how one person may be treating you has nothing to do with how everyone else is treating you.

Libra (Sep. 23-Oct. 23)
The sun's entry into your sign on Sept. 23, always a global event called Equinox, arrives with some extra fanfare this year. Mars and Mercury end their retrogrades around the same time, which suggests a phase of fast, important communications, changes at work, and a rare-enough moment of being plunged directly into "The Moment". I hope that all will be enough to remind you of whom you're most definitely becoming. I understand that much of your growth process currently seems to be hidden in your psychic blind spot, but that's to keep your focus on the main event. The stars, in particular a star called Saturn, suggest strongly that, for now, take care of your role in the outer world and your inner world will take care of itself. Don't think about much. Just be conscious.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
We don't often think of confidence as something we sacrifice for the sake of another person, but I suggest you check out the possibility that this happened or is happening to you. You're now traveling a stretch of the cosmic highway where the past has an extraordinary bearing on your experience of reality. Your history is only going to keep coming in closer. You may have the unusually strong feeling that something happened, something that colors you now and that you want to get clear about. If you feel that you've made some kind of mistake or suffered a loss of faith that has changed everything, you've got reason to take heart. What you gave up wants you as much as you want it. Confidence is just the beginning; it is the key to so much else.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
Emotionally this has been an extraordinarily complex stretch of your life. Yet your real concerns have barely risen to the surface of awareness, as far as I can tell. What is the source of your doubt? Anger? Your quest to reconnect something within yourself that at one point seemed to be joined, but now feels like an impossible union? I assert that as the month unwinds you're in an excellent position to investigate the unknown. I suggest you evaluate the catastrophic fears of one of your parents, and assess how his or her psychic residue is holding you down. Since so much is pulling you up toward your dreams, the more you can do to free yourself from the bottom, the higher you will climb.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Humans seem to bear the burden of self-identity more than any other creature. We have a dire need to know ourselves, to understand ourselves, and to declare that identity in a meaningful way. Your quest to do this is finally taking you beyond the often-frustrating efforts that have dominated the past couple of years. The right combination of ingredients, that is, conditions, people, maturity, and the willingness to confront yourself honestly, are assembling themselves. Moreover, you are being directly supported by an unusual gust of good fortune and faith in yourself. Ah, but be wary; help your children before you save the world. Remember, as you go through your alchemical changes, the prayer, we are all one. Take your first power as the strength to live, rather than as the drive to do.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
After seven years in Aquarius, Uranus spent the spring and summer in Pisces, and now returns to your sign for the duration of the year. This stands as one last reminder of what you've been through, of what you've learned, of who you've become, and of your real gifts. In the larger scheme, the wave front of your growth is about taking those developments and embodying them directly as the values that sustain you rather than as things you identify with or understand. It is not enough to think innovatively. One must be innovation. What is the difference? The risk factor. Social theory is safe. Truly revolutionary values are dangerous, especially when put into action. You will know the difference on the emotional level. What you're seeking feels less like turbulent air and more like hot liquid in your heart.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
What you need is to feel good. From there, you can make sane decisions that reflect your true intentions, and as I'm sure you've noticed by now, opportunities for decision abound. Let yourself be reminded by every discomfort, every moment of fear or doubt, every sense that you've slipped back into old ways, that you seek a future different than the past. Be careful what you allow yourself to believe. This month, lack of immediate results is no indication whatsoever of the larger direction in which you're headed. Hold out faith that all these changes will work out, and they will. Part of feeling good means, very simply, emphasizing the positive and accepting it as evidence of what is possible. Yes, in this world, everything is possible. You just need to narrow the possibilities a little.

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