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Friday Editions

December 31   
Time Within Space

December 25   
Give Peace A Chance

December 24   
Searching for Freedom on Dec. 24th

December 19   
Ten Years of Planet Waves: A Star Shines on the Hour of Our Meeting

December 12
Astrology As the Art of Bullshit

December 5   
The Great Attractor (and our 10th Anniversary)

November 28   
In Search Of Our Family Thanksgiving

November 21   
The History of the World, And of You

November 21   
Cheney, Gonzales indicted in Texas

November 14   
Letting Go of Fear

November 7  
The Branching of the Road

November 01 
Next World Stories Promo

October 31   
Abandon Hope. Start the Revolution

October 24   
Barack Obama and the Sword of Damocles

October 17   
The Chart that Sold the World

Friday 10 October 10   
The Capricorn Point

October 3   
The December Surprise

September 26   
Talking Backwards

September 19   
Full Moon Over Wall Street

September 12 
The Atlantis Factor

September 25   
The Uranus Factor

Friday 29 August 29   
The Bridge Nobody Saw

August 22   
Betty Dodson: High Priestess of Masturbation

August 15   
Obama, Aquarius and the Galactic Leap

August 8   
The Spiritual Olympics (and the Power of 8)

August 1   
Leo Eclipse: From Self-Concept to Self

July 25   
The Ultimate Opportunity to Get Unstuck

July 18   
The Capricorn Moon and an Altar to Ceres

July 11   
Bucky Fuller: This Is The Future

July 4   
The Country of Our Dreams

June 27  
A Psychological Process

June 20   
The Journey to Joy

June 13 
The Magician

June 6   
News from the Divine Feminine

May 30  
In Canada, They Call it Therapy

May 23  
Crossing the Borders and Boundaries of Time

May 16   
Mixed Signals, Bright Ideas: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

May 9   
The Shape of Time

May 2   
The Lusty Month of May

April 25   
Taurus: What is the Question?

April 18   
Twice in a Full Moon

April 11   
Sun conjunct Eris: Calling home the castaway woman

April 4   
Mrs. McEvoy and the Case of the Secret Birth Data

April 1   
EMOTOSCOPE only from Planet Slaves

March 28  
Eris Notebook: Dancing with Discord

March 21   
Pluto Power: The Point of Light

March 14 
What's it All About?

March 7   
Burning Down the Houses

February 29   
Taking the Leap

February 22   
Castro and Chiron

February 15   
Mercury and the Moon

February 8   
It's not about sex. It's about Self :: Intro

February 8   
Disentangling the Aquarius Sky

February 1   
It's True -- Mike Brown Loves Astrologers

January 25   
We Have Met the Enemy

January 18   
The Aquarius Alignment of 2008

January 11   
The Sprint to 2012

January 10   
Small World Stories :: Clarification

January 4   
The Big 8 :: PlanetWaves.net

Tuesday Editions

December 30
Planet Waves Inner Space for January 2009

December 23   
Planet Waves Monthly for January 2009

December 16   
2008: A Moment to Remember

December 9   
Alternative Monthly Horoscope for December 2008

December 2  
Planet Waves Inner Space - December 2008

November 25   
Planet Waves Monthly - December 2008

November 18   
Alternative Monthly Horoscope for November 2008

November 11   
Chiron: The First Centaur Planet

November 4   
Planet Waves Inner Space - November 2008

October 28   
Planet Waves Monthly - November 2008

October 21   
Libra Birthdays for 2008-09: Messages from the Secret Chamber

October 14   
Eriscope from Planet Waves | For October 2008 | Photo by Eric Francis

October 7   
Alternate Monthly Horoscope for October by Eric Francis

September 30   
Planet Waves Inner Space - October 2008

September 23   
Planet Waves Monthly - October 2008

September 16   
Eriscope from Planet Waves - September 2008

September 2008   
Planet Waves Inner Space - September 2008

September 2   
Virgo Birthdays: Reaching the Root of Self-Doubt

August 26   
Planet Waves Monthly - September 2008

August 19   
Planet Waves Extra August Monthly Horoscope by Eric Francis

August 12   
Eriscope from Planet Waves - August 2008

August 5   
A Journey to the Heart of Self: Leo Birthdays

July 29   
Planet Waves Inner Space - August 2008

July 22   
Planet Waves Monthly - August 2008

July 15  
Eriscope from Planet Waves

July 8   
Planet Waves Inner Space -July 2008

July 1  
The Gateway: Cancer Birthdays for 2008

June 24   
Planet Waves Monthly - July 2008

June 17   
Special Full Moon Audio Edition

June 10   
Gemini Birthdays: The Vision of a Woman

June 3   
Schedule Change

May 27   
Planet Waves Inner Space - June 2008

May 20   
Planet Waves Monthly - June 2008

May 6   
From the Ground In: Taurus Birthdays for 2008

April 29   
Schedule Change

April 22   
Monthly for May 2008

April 15   
Hiding In Plain Sight

April 8   
Inner Space for April 2008

April 1   
One House at a Time

March 25  
Planet Waves Monthly - April 2008

March 18   
Off to See the Wizard

March 12   
Introducing Mars Calling: An Astrology Book About Men

March 11   
Listen to the Music

March 4   
Planet Waves Inner Space - March 2008

February 26   
Pisces Birthdays for 2008

February 20   
Total Lunar Eclipse of February, 2008

February 19 
Easing Into It :: March Monthly Horoscope

February 12  
Be Cool

February 5   
All Of You Here: Aquarius Birthday Letter for 2008

January 29   
Mercury Retrograde: Psych it Out

January 22  
Planet Waves Monthly - February 2008

January 16 
The Love, Lust and Jealousy Report

January 15  
Planet Waves Capricorn Birthdays for 2008 :: Cosmic Cue by Judith Gayle

January 14   
Mondays are Now Tuesdays at Planet Waves

January 9   
Small World Stories, the 10th anniversary annual edition of Planet Waves, is ready.

January 8   
SWS List Letter

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