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Preview Your 2013 Horoscopes

Dear Friend and Reader:

Happy New Year! I'm busy working on the annual, and I'd like to give you an update on my progress. As an introduction to the audio readings, I'm inviting you to listen to three of the preview audio horoscopes referred to in the testimonials below, plus a featured music sample.

Planet Waves
Be sure to take advantage of our subscriber discount on LISTEN, the 2013 annual edition of Planet Waves. We're still offering all 12 signs for the price of three so you can check out your Sun, rising and Moon signs (and those of your loved ones). If you prefer to purchase individual signs for $19.95 each, you may do that here.

"I used to be astounded by these but am no longer. You just nail shit. (So I listen.) I tend to trust, weigh, incorporate, figure in (I think it really does help to have a larger, many-years-long view); even the parts that I might rather not know."

"I was truly blown away by how on point this was for me right now! Multiple times you seemed to directly answer some questions I have been pondering in a way that made me feel like we were having a two-way conversation, which I might add was very surprising as well as impressive."

In your reading, I offer an extended audio meditation, in the form of an in-depth description of your astrology and what it is saying. And I've crafted a written interpretation that focuses the most useful themes: your mental and emotional peace of mind, your relationships, your creative life and work, and financial themes. You may pre-order your 2013 reading here.

Note, this is a pre-order; I am still writing. As soon as it's done you will get your reading(s).


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