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New York, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013
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Inner Space (and Why I Love Facebook)

Dear Friend and Reader:

Before I tell you how much I love Facebook and ask for a small favor, I have a few items to share.

First is that the new Inner Space horoscope is ready and available at that link.

Planet Waves
Psychology library in the space where I wrote Monday's essay about Nessus. Photo by Eric Francis.
Also, in our Daily Astrology feature this week, I've been covering the Mars-Nessus conjunction, which means themes of trust, healing from abuse and working through damaging early-life family patterns that follow us into adulthood.

I've covered this in Monday's post, called Beyond Mars-Nessus: A Frontier. In Tuesday's post, I take that a step further into practical ideas for healing. I'll also cover this in the new Planet Waves FM, which posts later today.

Amanda has written a summary of the week's astrology that we posted last night. There is more about February astrology in the SKY section of this past Friday's edition, which includes your extended February forecasts.

Okay, now for Facebook. Get ready -- I am about to ask you to take action. But you won't need to put your coat on.

Since around 1999, Planet Waves has experimented with countless types of forums, message boards, discussion lists and other platforms.

By far the most amazing one is Facebook. It's dynamic, fast moving, well organized and it works brilliantly for us as a community space and also as a business tool. For whatever reason, our Facebook pages go beyond the trivial into real conversations.

We are now focusing our energy on our company page rather than my personal page, which is capped at 5,000 participants. Our vision is bigger than that.

Would you please go to the company page and click LIKE?

That would be a very helpful way to assist us in spreading the word about Planet Waves.

Thank you kindly.

See you Friday with a regular edition.


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