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Planet Waves FM: Pope Meets the Centaurs

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Something extraordinary happened Monday -- a pope resigned for the first time since the early 15th century. This happened the same week as two centaur conjunctions -- Mars conjunct Chiron (today) and Sun conjunct Nessus (Thursday).

Planet Waves
As you may have been reading, the centaurs are about the healing process -- and this is a moment of healing for the Catholic Church, which has been besieged by child sex scandals for decades.

Though this was not stated as the reason for the resignation, it's widely known that Cardinal Ratzinger's office was in charge of the investigations -- he has full knowledge of what happened. It looks like Pope Benedict has finally met the centaurs.

Is this the beginning of the end of the long Roman Catholic dynasty?

Find out in tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM. It usually posts by about 8 pm Eastern time. To find the program, check our main page tonight.

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