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New York, Tuesday, March 5, 2013
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Moonshine Horoscope -- And the Current Pisces Sky

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today we have Genevieve Hathaway's Moonshine Horoscopes here, written for the Pisces New Moon in one week. This is a horoscope written for your Moon sign (there are instructions on that page for how to find yours out), but you can also read them for your Sun and rising signs.

Planet Waves
Star Trails Over Mount Parnona (or is it a swirling school of fish?). Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.
In Monday's Daily Astrology feature on the Planet Waves blog, Eric wrote about retrograde Mercury's conjunction to the Sun in Pisces: a moment of possible revelations about yourself and potential leverage for expressing yourself.

He also explores Venus and Chiron in Pisces (exact today), a highly sensitive moment about biophilia -- connecting with nature and with each other, and connecting sex with love.

I've continued the theme in today's Daily Astrology post, which extends our experience of biophilia to the conjunction of retrograde Mercury with Venus. Exact tomorrow in Pisces, it brings the ability for intimate communication to our experience of intimate communion.

This looks like a perfect moment for making elegant, nuanced art, music or writing -- or engaging in truly understanding, relationship-building conversations. Len Wallick also offers his take on the Mercury-Venus conjunction later today on the blog.

This Pisces sky continues to be a busy place, rich with opportunities for self-understanding and creative exploration. Eric will be back later this evening with his regularly-scheduled broadcast of Planet Waves FM to take us even deeper into these waters. Once it has been posted (usually by 8 pm EST), you can find that program here.

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Yours and truly,

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