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Dear Friend and Reader:
One week from tonight is the Leo New Moon. That chart is heavy on the fire and water, with clusters of planets in Leo and Cancer, and it has a strong message about 'service'. Eric will be discussing the Leo New Moon in his Planet Waves FM broadcast, which usually posts by 8 pm EDT Tuesday nights.
Planet Waves
Beetle on young corn. Photo by Amanda Painter.
He'll also be introducing this Friday's feature article, the result of a three-year investigation involving one purported conservation group's efforts to steal part of the Grandmother Land (if you've been a PW member for a while, you've seen Eric's photos of this beautiful area).

And finally, in another twist on 'service', Eric will be talking about the discussion surrounding three sex-scandalized politicians -- Anthony Weiner (NYC), Elliot Spitzer (NYC) and Bob Filner (San Diego).
If you've been seeing mention on the Internet about a "Star of David" configuration (also being referred to as a "grand sextile," among other terms) and have wondered what Eric's take on it might be, check out Monday's Daily Astrology post. "If nothing else," writes Eric, "it represents a moment of stability (the grand sextile), and some tension (the Sun's various aspects) and some opportunity to weave together the pattern of your life in a conscious way."
In today's Daily Astrology, we've developed one leg of the grand sextile configuration in tandem with another piece of the sky. There seems to be a question regarding how the idea of 'cosmic love' may be a factor in re-patterning your life right now.
Finally, in Len Wallick's column today, he addresses the give and take of the current Venus-Mars configuration. That will post to the Planet Waves blog at about noon EDT.
Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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