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The Second Aquarius Full Moon -- and Moonshine Horoscopes

Dear Friend and Reader:
Today we have your Moonshine horoscopes by Genevieve Hathaway for this year's second Aquarius Full Moon.
Planet Waves
Nearly Full Moon over Nubble Pond. Photo by Amanda Painter.
Eric has been on a roll with his Planet Waves FM broadcasts, and he continues tonight with a program featuring the Aquarius Full Moon conjunct Nessus.

This edition will also open up the topic of the Age of Aquarius -- something we have not seen discussed much on Planet Waves.

He has also reprised his Blue Studio Sessions, which feature interviews on various topics related to sex and sexuality, sexual healing and the discussion of normally taboo topics. He recently co-hosted an edition with 'Diva' Carla Sanders on how to have conversations about sex, suitable for all ages.
On the Planet Waves blog, today's Daily Astrology article delves deeper into tonight's Aquarius Full Moon, which carries a message about 'fixed' emotional patterns. Also, Len Wallick's column will run at about noon today, asking us to consider the potential held by the Sun's aspects as it ingresses Virgo this week.
Finally, please be sure to check out Eric's audio preview for the Leo birthday reading. The preview is free. Even if you don't have a Leo Sun, rising or Moon sign, it will give you a sense of just how much he puts into these readings -- and why they make excellent gifts for loved ones (including yourself).
Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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