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This Week on Planet Waves: Tipping Points

Dear Friend and Reader:
As Eric suggested would happen in his Sunday night special edition of Planet Waves FM, Interrupting the March to War, a diplomatic solution intervened in the Syria crisis. The astrology that provided the clue: Mercury ingressing Libra, which Eric interpreted as news about diplomacy. In the same statement, Eric also said there would be a development on Saturday, when Mercury squares Pluto -- let's watch closely.

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Margaret Brennan, State Department correspondent for CBS.
We know this comes as a relief to many Planet Waves readers, some of whom were experiencing acute anxiety as this situation developed. This provides a direct example of how world leaders can avoid the escalation of war.

The diplomatic solution was precipitated by a question from Margaret Brennan, the CBS News correspondent to the State Department, who was traveling with John Kerry in London yesterday. She asked simply, what would stop an attack on Syria?

Eric will continue his coverage in tonight's Planet Waves FM broadcast, which will post by 8 pm EDT (or earlier). Eric will cover the latest developments and the associated astrology -- particularly a striking aspect involving minor planets (the Sun square Ixion, Chaos and Pholus) and how Mars square Saturn factored into the equation.

We've featured the Mars-Saturn square and Mercury ingressing Libra in Monday's Daily Astrology column. You might still be working with the "slow, steady burn" of Mars-Saturn in some emotional, sexual or creative facet of your life. And we'll be tracking Mercury through early Libra carefully, as it relates to "news about diplomacy" and engages the Uranus-Pluto square.
Today's Daily Astrology explores further the tense aspects between the Sun and several powerful, slow-moving outer planets. Pholus is involved, intensifying the sensation that things could go out of control, while Ixion seems to represent the lack of ethics in the whole proposed bombing campaign (are there any parallels in your personal life?). One potential saving grace is that the Sun is involved: all of this is in our consciousness, which means we can choose to work with it constructively.
Len Wallick's column, about your potential to "unzip" the skies as Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow, will post to the blog at about noon today.

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