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The Pisces Full Moon -- and Moonshine Horoscopes
Dear Friend and Reader:
Yesterday's mass shooting at the Navy Yard's Building 197 in Washington, D.C., has many people shaken up. Eric will be covering that incident in tonight's broadcast of Planet Waves FM -- along the numerous ways we seem to be under emotional siege in recent years. One horror after another parades through our living rooms via the TV news. We're given the unpleasant options of tuning out or getting dragged in, and it can be challenging to find a productive third option.
Planet Waves
Westerly view from the Montauk Light House, photo by Eric Francis.
Eric began his coverage of the shooting in two blog posts yesterday with an overview of the incident and the event's chart, and a comment on how we live with the tension of the world. He will also be covering Thursday's Pisces Full Moon conjunct Salacia in tonight's Planet Waves FM.

Eric's musical guest will be the stunning Vajra, based in New York City.
Here are your Moonshine horoscopes  by Genevieve Hathaway, written for the Full Moon.
Eric began looking at Salacia in the Full Moon configuration (which is square the Galactic Center) in Monday's Daily Astrology  column. He writes there, "Since these new discoveries have a way of manifesting literally when they're blended with solar-lunar events, it's encouraging that Salacia is the goddess of the calm sea -- we could use some serenity."
In today's Daily Astrology column, we've also covered the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, which is making contact with Chiron in Pisces. That's even more watery energy, suggesting you 'dive deep' today if you need to make contact with still waters as the Moon waxes toward full.
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