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Discount Available Until Friday
Pre-Order Your 2014 Astrology Readings Now

Dear Friend and Reader:

Are you ready for some of the most thorough, thought provoking, and helpful astrology readings ever offered? As we near the end of 2013, Planet Waves is gearing up for our 16th consecutive annual edition.

Your 2014 astrology readings by Eric Francis are called The Mars Effect, and I'm convinced you'll find them to be an essential guide for riding and integrating the blazing energy of Mars as it takes center stage in the coming months. 

Planet Waves
Graphic by Lizanne Webb.
Mars will be in Libra (the sign of relationships) for nearly eight months, including a long retrograde -- making it the defining astrological event of next year. In that time, Mars will turn the long-developing Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto alignment into a highly influential grand cross, something that will be moving tremendous energy. 

Right now, you have an opportunity to pre-order all twelve signs of The Mars Effect for a special rate of $69. After Nov. 28, the package price will increase to $79. Pre-ordering all 12 signs now gets you some of Eric's best work at an incredible value -- giving you access to your Sun, Moon and rising signs (and those of your loved ones). The outpouring of feedback we receive each year really speaks to the immeasurable value of these readings:
"I ordered the annual, because I knew that I could not miss it."

"Absolutely superb, a tremendous tool for my psychological growth...It strikes right to my soul. I highly recommend your profound astrological knowledge to others!"

"I should be used to your brilliant horoscopes by now. But don’t think it can get any better than this."

"Every single word he said resonated with me."
Eric says, "My job as an astrologer is to provide you with the most creative approach I can bring in, offering you ideas to turn this surge of energy into something creative, loving and productive. This is not about prediction -- my readings are about using astrology as a visioning tool." 

If you are ready to use this kind of tool in your life (and you don't need to 'know astrology' to do so), I invite you to take advantage of the current discounted rate of $69 for THE MARS EFFECT. As you read and listen to your Sun, Moon and rising signs (and those of your loved ones), you may find yourself amazed and nourished far beyond your expectations -- and ready to helm this next year of your life like never before.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

PS -- This special package deal is only available through Nov. 28 (after that, the price will increase to $79). To take advantage of this special offer, pre-order all 12 signs now for $69.

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