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This Week on Planet Waves: Mercury Ingresses Sagittarius

Dear Friend and Reader:
Just when you thought you'd finally gotten used to Mercury hanging out in water signs for long stretches, the planet representing our minds and how we think will finally leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius at 9:42 pm EST Wednesday. Mercury can be a little impatient here, but it tends to be honest -- and what our minds may miss in terms of details will likely be made up for with a greater long-range focus.
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Stars of frost formed around grasses in the icy Mill Pond, Casco, Maine. Photo by Amanda Painter.
In Planet Waves FM tonight, Eric will look at Monday's Sagittarius New Moon, check in with Mars in Libra and the 2014 astrology, do a wild rant on Obamacare, and describe the chart of the Metro North train wreck.
Mercury's ingress to Sagittarius brings it into a square with Neptune, compromising its honesty. Combined with the Sun's conjunction to the Great Attractor, this week's themes include the potential for self-deception, chasing 'cosmic' truths, false controversy and a reminder to notice the facts and details along the way -- all covered in today's Daily Astrology.
Yesterday's Sagittarius New Moon was the focus of Monday's Daily Astrology -- including its aspects to the Great Attractor, the asteroid Pallas and centaur object Chiron. While the Moon has moved on, the Sun is still in aspect to all three points, meaning that focusing the mind from two different points of view and steering clear of controversies continue to be on the agenda through this week.
Len Wallick adds his voice to the conversation at noon today, when his column -- on Mercury's ingress into Sagittarius and its potential to ignite your inspiration -- posts to the Planet Waves blog.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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