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Today is The Day We Fight Back

Dear Friend and Reader:

You are reading your Planet Waves subscription on the Internet -- the only place we can deliver our original content, commercial free, directly to you. But as you've no doubt heard, the Internet is subject to an ongoing invasion by those who would read your mail and index your phone calls, and who would prefer if all content was pre-certified by Comcast and Monsanto.

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Today there is a worldwide day of action designed to resist this, focused on online privacy. It's called The Day We Fight Back. It's part protest and partly a way of commemorating the contribution of Aaron Swartz, a programmer and Internet activist who was falsely charged with federal crimes and, as a result, took his own life early last year.

In today's edition of Planet Waves FM (now ready) Eric looks at the astrology of this event, and at the natal chart of Aaron Swartz. He also covers the Leo Full Moon that takes place Friday.

We've also introduced another program on Planet Waves FM, called Dan and Eric's Music Appreciation Hour. Don't be deceived by the understated program title; it's a lively program wherein Eric and Dan listen to music, consider what it says and how it's made, and take interesting digressions into the many topics that music can spawn. The program goes up Sunday evenings. This is their third edition.

Genevieve Hathaway has interpreted the Leo Full Moon for all 12 Moon signs in this week's Moonshine Horoscopes.

Today's Daily Astrology column takes a closer look at Sun square Saturn, exact today and still functional in the Full Moon chart. You can get a lot of deep work done in a safe container and you have that option today, though you might find yourself having to navigate emotional sensitivity to do so.
Eric got the week started in Monday's Daily Astrology post, settling us down from the recent Mercury storm as we gear up for the Full Moon. Every cause has an effect -- something worth remembering as you make your decisions this week.
In Len Wallick's column today, he considers retrograde Mercury's imminent return to Aquarius tomorrow into Thursday, and the opportunity we have to transcend our limits. That will post to the Planet Waves blog at noon.
Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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