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Dear Friend and Reader:
We're fully into the emotionally and intuitively open energy of the Sun's trip through Pisces -- and Eric has just released the 2014 Pisces birthday reading (as well as the 2014 Aquarius reading). If you or a loved one has Pisces or Aquarius Sun or rising, I invite you to access the insights Eric shares in these readings before the spring astrology really gets busy -- and while you can still get them for the discounted rate.
Planet Waves
The Pisces reading is still available at the pre-order price of $19.95. Use this link to get access or call us at (206) 567-4455.
In this week’s broadcast of Planet Waves FM, Eric looks at the situation developing between Russia and Ukraine. We've been researching this copiously, and have a source near Kiev and someone who personally knew Viadimir Putin. While Eric explains the chart for this, he also answers several reader questions about the relationship of houses and signs and how that works in a chart.  

In the latest edition of Dan and Eric's Music Appreciation Hour, they groove on The Grateful Dead. The program is structured around the four major eras in the band's history, defined by the long-term keyboard players -- Pigpen, Keith, Brent and Vince -- and includes some tracks from off the beaten path.
Today's Daily Astrology column considers this year's conjunction of the Sun and centaur object Chiron in Pisces, which is also square the Great Attractor (a deep-space point in Sagittarius). You might be noting some energy or awareness gathering around any doubts you carry about your creativity, or a sense of polarization around the prospect of 'stepping out' in some way.

Saturn stationing retrograde in Scorpio and Jupiter stationing direct in Cancer were the subject of Monday's Daily Astrology column. Like the expansion and compression of your heart keeping your lifeblood flowing, we need both the expansion of Jupiter and the stabilization of Saturn to keep life dynamic and get anything done.
At noon on the Planet Waves blog we'll have Len Wallick's column on Venus ingressing Aquarius, and its message to be true to yourself. And if you had hoped to read Sarah Taylor's tarot column Sunday, we'll be posting that later this afternoon (it will return to its regular schedule this weekend).
Yours and truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. For those who are concerned about the situation at the New Mexico underground nuclear waste dump, we are tracking that story as best we can from a diversity of sources. You can read an updated version of our newest article here. As we develop the piece, we will focus more on the astrology, which describes how serious the situation is.

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