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Seeking and Finding with Astrology

Dear Friend and Client:

Seek and you shall find are among my guiding words for astrology. This quote comes from Matthew 7:7. Here it is, in the familiar language of the King James version: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

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I translate this into astrology as an approach to the client and the chart. You will find in either what you're looking for. Look for trauma and you'll find trauma. Look for past life commotions and you'll find those. I prefer to search the chart for gifts, for talents, for distinctive individual qualities. I seek strength and passion, and unlived dreams that are seeking expression now -- and usually I find them.

The energy of "seeking" is embodied in Mercury, now retrograde, trine centaur planet Nessus, which I covered in last week's edition. You may still be getting used to Mercury reversing apparent directions. Mercury will make another trine to Nessus before ingressing Gemini one week from today.

We're approaching another centaur event -- a Full Moon overnight Thursday that's conjunct centaur planet Pholus. The centaurs almost always act as doorways to new experience, or to unraveling old experience. Pholus in particular is a key to understanding ancestral material. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is also close to a point called Quaoar, which is about one's family pattern -- the dance and the rhythm into which you were born and may take for granted, till you learn to see and hear it.

Our ancestors leave us problems and they bestow gifts. When a centaur is involved, the two will be closely related, and located nearby one another. You will need to be alert for the gifts, and seek them consciously. I'll have more to say about the Full Moon in tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM, when I'll tell the story of the myth of Pholus. This will be an interesting follow-up to last week's discussion of Nessus (the two myths happen in sequence -- though the Pholus story is the prequel).

And I'll give the Full Moon event one last look in a specially scheduled edition of Planet Waves that will be published Thursday night EDT, a few hours ahead of the exact Moon-Sun opposition. Note, at this time, I anticipate publishing the Friday edition on Thursday evening.

Planet Waves
Photo by Eric Francis.
Before that happens, there's an event to be aware of -- the Moon-Saturn conjunction that is exact today. Here is a brief post about that aspect pattern. The upshot is that today, inner material may be as significant as anything in the outer world. Do your best to keep your emotions light, being aware of this potentially heavy influence.

Tuesday evening (tonight) there will be a conference call associated with the Gemini birthday reading. Now each of my birthday readings comes with time to converse with me and share stories with others who have your sign affiliation. The Cancer birthday reading is up next --  and I'm eager to hear your suggestions and questions for what to cover. If you're born with Cancer Sun, Moon or rising, please email me your thoughts about what you would like to see addressed.

In the next week or so, I'll be hosting a group conference for Core Community members -- our new level of service -- to which I will be inviting all subscribers. The theme will be focused on the current Mercury retrograde: How to talk about the impossible. Look for an invitation in your inbox.

On a similar theme, I would call your attention to a discussion thread that's developing on our main blog called An Introspective Question, asking people to share their stories of healing methods that have worked for them, whether as a practitioner or as a client. That is an invitation to use what we know. Many people have studied healing, self-awareness and the mysteries for many years. Now is the time we need to bring our gifts forward and make them available to one another.

The Moonshine horoscope is scheduled for today. There's been a change in personnel on that column and I have not had a chance to read it. When I do, I'll send it out in a special mailing.

Thanks for tuning in.

w/ love,

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