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A New Season, Inner Space and the Hobbyist Lobbyists

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight's Planet Waves FM, I'll give an overview of the new season -- part of what I am calling "the other 2014." This particular year is divided neatly into halves, with the point of division being July 1, when Mercury stations direct.

Planet Waves
Eric Francis.
Mercury stations direct three times a year, so of its own it's not big astrology -- however, this station direct concludes a sequence of four inner planet retrogrades that have, to put it mildly, been impressive. As in challenging and unstable, though calling attention to various problems and situations that have needed to be resolved or at least aired out for a while. I plan to give these events a careful review. 

It's also time to look ahead to the second half of 2014, which is defined mainly by Jupiter changing signs from Cancer to Leo, where it will be for one year. Today I have for you the first horoscope of the new era -- your July Inner Space readings, which look at the last weeks of Jupiter in Cancer, and the transition to Jupiter in Leo. 

This week we're tracking a Supreme Court decision that could impact most of the female work force in the United States -- it's the infamous Hobby Lobby case. This involves a lawsuit brought against the United States government by a company owned by a supposedly Christian family, the Greens. 

They've sued for the right to deny their female employees certain kinds of healthcare, claiming it goes against their religious values. By some judicial "miracle" their case made it onto the docket of the Supreme Court. That decision is due on Thursday, the last day of the court's term. I'll be previewing that on my program today, and we are ready to dismantle and explain the decision, which we'll have for you in Thursday night's edition.

About that -- though I have not formally announced this yet, I've moved back the publishing time of Planet Waves to Thursday evenings EDT.  

Planet Waves
The All-Access Pass includes everything -- an extension to your current subscription, one annual edition, all birthday readings, special reports (such as the Spring Reading) and lots more besides.
This week I plan to record the Cancer birthday reading and the free audio preview. This Solar Return (birthday chart) is especially significant for Cancerians since your birthday falls so close to the midpoint of the year and Jupiter's ingress into Leo. The next email you get about that will be a link to the free preview.

Finally, we are now offering the All-Access Pass at half-price for a six-month term. This is the "you can have it all" level of service to Planet Waves.

This includes an extension of your subscription, plus all birthday readings (and access to the archives), all publications and special reports, text message updates, daily emails and all 12 signs of The Mars Effect (see below), or the next annual edition.

I've been amazed how popular this product is; at how relevant the birthday readings are as astrology standing on its own -- not just to people who were born under any particular sign. In addition to being excellent solar return readings -- as good as most you will get from a private astrologer for many times the cost -- these are a fantastic overview of the current astrological climate, with much included about how to think as an astrologer.

This level includes everything offered under Core Community Membership -- a level I'll tell you more about when Mercury is direct. 

You may upgrade online or ask any questions (and upgrade by phone) by calling Chelsea at (877) 453-8265 or at (206) 567-4455. 

Catch you tonight with the new Planet Waves FM.


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There are still a few Planet Waves subscribers who have not experienced The Mars Effect. Well, you have definitely experienced the astrology, but not necessarily the readings that will help you make sense of what has happened the past six months.

Since the year is about half-over, we're making it available for half-price for all 12 signs. If you are a customer of my birthday readings (solar return readings), some differentiation might help. The Mars Effect readings are a distinctly different experience of astrology compared to the solar return readings. In a sense they are my first in-depth observations about the astrology of the signs for the year, which lay the foundation for everything else I do -- the horoscopes, the articles, the birthday readings and the seasonal readings. 

These readings are the deepest layers, presented in both extended written and audio format. One great thing about this package is that you can jump from your Sun sign to your rising sign to your Moon sign to partners' signs in one setup. The audio works for any player or computer and is downloadable into iTunes. The music is by Gary Lucas, musical mentor to Jeff Buckley. 

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