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Greetings from the Holy Roman Empire

Dear Friend and Reader:

As you've no doubt heard by now, five Roman Catholic men on the Supreme Court determined that for-profit corporations can have religious views, but only when it comes to women's reproductive rights. Hobby Lobby won its lawsuit, and now corporations have the "religious right" to deny women health insurance that covers certain kinds of contraceptives, if the corporation's owners think they're sinful.

Planet Waves
The Court of Emperor Frederick II in Palermo by Arthur Georg von Ramberg. Frederick was one of the most powerful Holy Roman Emperors, most of whom were defenders of Christianity, armed and ready for war.
All nine justices of the court agreed that Hobby Lobby's religious views were sincere, despite the fact that the company has $75 million invested in companies that manufacture the kinds of pregnancy prevention and abortion drugs that the owners claim to object to the most.

Were I writing this in a novel, I would be pleased with myself for coming up with something so ironic, witty and daunting, but this is not fiction. It's another warning of where our society is headed. 

The good news is that the decision came out just one day before Mercury stationing direct, which happened this morning at 8:50 am EDT (12:50 UTC). I'll have more to say about the Hobby Lobby ruling and the current astrology in an edition of Planet Waves FM that will post at about 5 pm EDT (21:00 UTC).

In a little while, I'm about to wrap up recording the Cancer birthday reading. That will be ready Wednesday. It's still available at the pre-order price of $29.95 (included with All-Access Pass memberships). Speaking of, we are currently offering a six-month All-Access Pass for half price.

And speaking of reduced-price readings, The Mars Effect (12 signs of audio and written astrology, for Sun and rising sign) is currently available for half price till Friday (but it retains its full value, as the readings are every bit as relevant now as they were back in January).

Next week I'll be back with information about new classes, community meetings and some fun astrology products for the summer.

I'm going to keep this letter short today -- I have some additional reading to do from the Hobby Lobby decision, particularly from the dissent by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which is a masterpiece. In Thursday night's edition I plan to have a reading of the United States Sibly chart, something of an annual tradition at Planet Waves, and your weekly horoscope.

For Planet Waves FM listeners -- catch you at about 5 pm EDT (21:00 UTC).


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