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Pisces Full Moon About to Bloom -- Conjunct Chiron

Dear Friend and Reader:

First, thank you for your many commentaries about Virgo as a point of integration, which I covered in Thursday night's edition of Planet Waves. There were so many that I may not have time to respond to them all -- though I will read them all. Note, if you wrote to me and your subject header was not "Virgo Theory," I may not be able to find it in my Little O'Hare inbox. I plan to respond to some of your thoughts on tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM.

Planet Waves
Water, Earth and Fire. After enduring a rare rainstorm in the Nevada desert, The Man was burned at Burning Man on Aug. 31. The federal government issued a permit for 68,000 people to attend the festival this year. Photo of the 2013 burn by Jim Urquhart.
Back to that in a moment. Today I have your Inner Space horoscope for September, a tad late -- apologies for that; there were a few publishing schedule blips in late August.

Note that in Thursday's edition we published the extended monthly for September. Early next week we will have your Moonshine Horoscope connected to the Pisces Full Moon, written by Elizabeth Michaud and Len Wallick.

I would also call your attention to today's Daily Astrology, which covers Mercury in Libra, previews the Pisces Full Moon and comments on the grand fire trine we're now experiencing. Note, this format is what's mailed each morning to our Core Community members as part of their enhanced subscription.

Later today we'll be publishing Monsanto Eco, our weekly newsletter on environmental topics. Earlier this year, we spun off our news briefs into their own publication, focusing on GMOs, health, medicine and science, all set within the context of environmental issues. This is written and edited by a fantastic writing team of astrologer/journalists, and covers many, many issues you will never see on ordinary news sites.

The project was born out of last year's cover story in The Mountain Astrologer on the astrology of Monsanto. I received a great many letters from that article (including from national leaders of the movement to label GMO foods); we then created a mailing list, and now serve that list with the latest environmental news. We are always open to suggestions and to receiving interesting articles that you see; you may send those to

Planet Waves
Man and Dog, Pisces and Virgo. Eric Francis with Jonah Kelly Francis. Photo by Zoe West.
For now we leave out the astrology, though just about everyone participating is an astrologer, going through their foundational training at Planet Waves as a researcher, fact-checker and journalist. Planet Waves practices the "feet on the ground" style of astrology, and this is an excellent example of how we maintain our contact with the world. If you want to read some sample issues and sign up, you may use this link, which will take you to a letter we sent out last week.

In tonight's Planet Waves FM, I will develop the theme of Virgo-Pisces as a focus of consciousness integration, reading some of your letters on the air. I will go over the Full Moon chart as well, which offers an unusual pattern of the Moon conjunct Chiron and Borasisi. The question is, when do you believe what you see, especially in a photograph?

The program usually posts Tuesday by 5 pm EDT. 

NOTE, I will host a live call-in edition of Planet Waves FM on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 7 pm EDT. Everyone will be invited. Please watch your inbox and our Facebook pages for more information.

The Virgo birthday reading is underway and I anticipate finishing it this week, though it may take me till Friday afternoon. I've held the price at $29.95 till tomorrow, a nice discount below the final price of $49.95. This purchase includes the live conference call, where you can spend 90 minutes with me and other listeners discussing the themes of the Virgo chart and their intersection with your life. 

The Leo conference call was fantastic -- you may listen here if you're curious. Beginning next year, the conference calls will be offered separately; till next spring, they are included with your birthday reading (each sign will get one conference call included, which ends with Aries 2015). Your purchase also includes access to last year's reading so you can review your life and check my accuracy with some hindsight.

I think that about covers it.

See you over at Planet Waves FM.

Lovingly, your astrologer,

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