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After the Pisces Full Moon, Taking a Breath -- or a Photograph

Dear Friend and Reader:

Last night the Pisces Full Moon came to exact opposition, though the Moon is still bristling with energy and is still at full phase. The Moon enters Aries at 7:33 pm EDT (23:33 UT) today, so if the Moon leaving Pisces means taking a breath, then it would be the breath of fire.

One interesting feature of the Full Moon and of the Sun's placement this week is that the Sun is conjunct asteroid (443) Photographica. One of the more literally delineated asteroids available to work with, Photographica (discovered in 1899 with the Sun in Pisces, right around when film was becoming commercially available) really seems to be about the creation of pictures and of imagery.

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Photo by Eric Francis.
Photography is a more significant part of our lives than we may recognize. It's true that in the age of the digital camera, pictures seem to be throwaway items. I would propose that under the influence of this astrology you take it a few steps beyond that, in the direction of intentional use of your camera.

Between the snapshot and 'serious art' is a vast space to explore visual language, nonverbal communication, light, color, form and the dreamlike state that photography can evoke.

Because Chiron and the asteroid Child are in the aspect pattern, I suggest you spend some time with childhood photos, perhaps even one of them, and make contact with that kid you once were. If you're a parent, document your child or children and when you refer back to these photos, remember the astrology that was involved.

Tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM will be a replay of last night's live edition. That should appear on the Planet Waves FM homepage before 5 pm EDT. This version will be the studio quality one, so I suggest you listen there.

The Virgo birthday (and Virgo rising) reading is ready and it is magnificent. I went overboard on this one -- it consists of three 40-minute segments, with an extended 'astrology afterthoughts' section at the end, followed by a tarot reading using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless. 

In the extra astrology section, I cover the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square on Virgo and Virgo rising, which may be the most interesting alignment for experiencing this generational aspect. 

I've focused the reading on relationships, the more personal kind and also those with mentors, teachers, healers and students. I offer an extended, excellent delineation of Chiron as it relates to Virgo and how it's coming across to you now at this time in your life, when you are under a long Chiron transit.

Your reading includes a live teleconference about your astrology, as well as access to last year's reading so that you can review your astrology from the past four seasons, and check my accuracy. Please note that the price for the Virgo reading increases to $49.95 tomorrow, so you'll want to order it now for the best price. You may listen to a free audio preview here.

Many of our clients have asked whether we have individual signs available for the Good as Gold midyear readings. We do -- here is the link.

Later today I'll be sending out an invitation to our basic subscribers and Core Community members to upgrade to the All-Access Pass at an excellent rate. Please watch for that note.

Catch you tonight at Planet Waves FM, and with your weekly edition Thursday evening.

With love, your astrologer,

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