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Get Your Ears On -- Two Editions of Planet Waves FM

Dear Friend and Reader:

I'll be covering this very interesting astrology week in two editions of Planet Waves FM -- a recorded program Tuesday evening and then a live call-in edition Wednesday evening, called a Core Community meeting.

The live edition is by invitation. I'll come back to that in a moment. And if you're born under the sign Scorpio, or have Scorpio rising, look for information about your birthday reading at the end of the letter.

Planet Waves
Looking upstream on the Coxing, October 2011. Photo by Eric Francis.
In tonight's live edition, I will look at the charts for the movement of the Moon, Venus and the Sun from Libra into Scorpio on Thursday, followed immediately by a solar eclipse. This unusual sequence of events is followed by Mercury stationing direct two days later.

This is astrology for those with strong nerves. We're pulling a lot of G-force, with many changes concentrated into a small time. You might feel like you're on the Magic Teacup ride, aboard the teacup with the kid who is making the thing feel like you're in a NASA training exercise. I will talk about how to make the most of this astrology, and offer some ideas proposing what all that stress really is about.

Later in the program I will look at a probable chart for the first case of ebola, in June 1976. This happened on the day of the Cancer New Moon, conjunct Venus and Nessus. I will also take up the question of what is the appropriate response when the information coming from a news chart seems to contradict the known facts, using a chart related to an ebola case. 

Planet Waves FM usually goes online by 6 pm on Tuesday evenings, on both its own homepage and the new Planet Waves website.

At 7 pm EDT (23:00 UTC) Wednesday, I will be hosting a Core Community meeting, which is a live edition of Planet Waves FM. This will be on the eve of the triple sign change and the solar eclipse in Scorpio. This is a participation event, the latest in a series that we began as part of our Core Community project earlier in the year. 

All subscribers are invited, including those with basic subscriptions. Here are your instructions for how to listen and participate.

Planet Waves
Photo by Eric Francis.
If you're born under the sign Scorpio or have Scorpio rising, this is going to be an intriguing year, one of the most meaningful in a long time. Three planets enter your sign the same day, followed by a solar eclipse. That is an exciting solar return -- a homecoming. In addition, Saturn finally makes its first moves out of your sign later in the year, and transitions into Sagittarius. This is a total change of energy and shift of emphasis. 

Your birthday reading is now available for preorder at the lowest price. I intend to do the reading next week, which consists of two half-hour (plus) segments of astrology, plus astrology afterthoughts and what seems to be everyone's favorite -- a tarot reading using the Voyager deck by James Wanless.

Your reading includes two excellent extra features -- access to last year's reading, so you can check my work and check the progress of your life; and also a live call-in program so you can ask questions about what I cover and (to some extent) your own astrology.

If you pre-order, the reading is $24.95, and I plan to have it ready for you by next week.

Catch you tonight over at Planet Waves FM, and Wednesday at our live edition.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. It's good to be with you.

With love,

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