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Winter Solstice and an All-Community Meeting Sunday 12/21

Dear Friend and Reader:

In local news, the winter solstice is approaching, and tonight on Planet Waves FM I will describe that chart, which is another of the great works of astrology. I'll also include the part about how people down in Oz and New Zealand are watering their gardens daily because it's the height of summer down by you.

Planet Waves
Scene Monday morning in my portable office at Outdated Cafe in Kingston. This is my research into Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, my current focus among the many projects coming together for Cosmophilia: You Belong Here, your 2015 annual readings.
In tonight's edition I'll be continuing to explore the events of 2015 -- not just the big points but the subtle ones as well, the sign changes of centaur planets and what new activity is gathering around the Galactic Core.

On Sunday evening at 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST / 23:00 UTC, I'll be hosting an All-Community Meeting -- everyone is invited, and invited to participate (at no cost). This is a live conference call, in the approximate format of call-in radio. 

The topic will be belonging, not belonging, acceptance and alienation -- in a word, the individual aspects of community. This is your chance to share your feelings, to listen to the experiences of others and to get my direct feedback on what you share. Mark your calendar! This meeting is open to everyone, though community meetings are officially part of our new Core Community service and will be offered six times a year beginning in February.

Note, Dec. 21 is also the 16th birthday of the Planet Waves website. We first went online the evening of Dec. 21, 1998.

Check your inbox later today for details about how to attend that meeting, which you can participate in by phone or as a listener via streaming Web connection. We will send out the notice with call-in details three times -- twice this week and once a few hours before the program.

This live conference is part of my work, and our collective work, on Cosmophilia: You Belong Here, the 2015 annual edition of Planet Waves. I am, as you may know, currently running my annual astrology marathon, doing detailed readings on all 12 signs in written and audio format. What you say during this call will influence my readings, so definitely chime in.

Planet Waves
Work in Progress -- this is the developing Libra sketch for Cosmophilia: You Belong Here. Each research file is about 10 pages of pure data, which I distill down to a hand-drawn sketch from which I do the actual reading. The process of developing these readings takes six months.
This is the last week to get our lowest pre-order discount of $77 for all 12 signs. On Saturday the price goes up to $97 for all 12. 

Yes, we will be offering individual signs starting next week, for $24.95 each. However, at $6.42 per sign now, you cannot go wrong by getting all 12. Most people who read and listen to one want to read and listen to more. 

A few other bits before I move on. Monday I published an analysis of the sixth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares

How you respond to this aspect "depends on whether and how you want to participate in the rapid changes. Yes, it's possible to wait out the storm, though that is a missed opportunity, on a multiple lifetime scale. Yes, you may be in some shock from the rapid changes that have come into your life. You may be wondering which way is up, or what to hold onto."

As usual, I don't recommend sitting around and passively waiting.

"Don't knock yourself out wondering. Open your eyes, listen, and smell the air. Look for people with whom you have some rapport -- some sense of recognition. Pick an adventure, no matter how subtle, and set off for the unknown."

I'll catch you tonight on Planet Waves FM, and Sunday at the All-Community Meeting.


PS -- we've opened up the past two annual editions, The Mars Effect and Listen, for everyone to check out or revisit. Just click those links -- the passwords are removed.

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