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Your Libra Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, and Planet Waves FM

Dear Friends and Reader:
Planet Waves
As promised, here are your Moonshine horoscopes for this weekend's Libra Full Moon and total lunar eclipse. Len Wallick has written these for the 12 Moon signs, but you can also read them for your Sun and rising sign for additional insight. We've included a link on that page to help you find your Moon sign if you do not know it.
Additionally, Eric has posted this week's Planet Waves FM broadcast early; here is the link for that program. As noted this morning, he is focusing his discussion on the role of depression (as represented by Mercury conjunct Chiron) in the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, and in the second half, he discusses the Libra Full Moon and eclipse. Eric's musical guest this week is The Grateful Dead, in a special format.
Note that if you have an Aries or Libra Sun or rising sign, this weekend's eclipse falls along your relationship axis. Eric will have plenty to say about this and more in the Aries birthday reading, still available for pre-order.
Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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