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Can You Have Too Much Integrity?

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight's Planet Waves FM, I will be covering Mercury stationing direct. I opened up this topic in a post Sunday night that talks about this event's unusual square to Nessus.
The piece has generated some truly thought-provoking conversation, which I invite you to take part in. The discussion ranges from experiences of the retrograde to matters of sexual desire and identity and healing, and beyond.

Planet Waves
Tonight's musical guest on Planet Waves FM will be Jimmy be Free of Portland, Oregon.
This week we also have Mars in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces. This is the aspect that asks the question, is it possible to have too much integrity? What happens when you over-focus on getting it right, on being right, on following the rules? The combination of Mars and Chiron in a square aspect describes this effect.

As for the Mercury station, the essence is approaching the hidden issues of Nessus in Pisces. I would sum this up as a question: what is eating our creative energy? What is the conversation that needs to happen?

My musical guest on Planet Waves FM will be Jimmy Be Free of Portland, Oregon. Tune in tonight by 7 pm to stream or download the program. I will also be posting my slightly delayed interview with Eric McLuhan, the son of Marshall McLuhan, on the theme of renaissance.

If you're looking for more information about Mercury stationing direct and the influence of this Mercury retrograde, consider the Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Reading. Much of what this Mercury retrograde is about is below the level of immediate awareness. That's because Neptune is involved.
I've called the themes for all 12 signs and rising signs in this extraordinary reading, and provide many ideas for working with the astrology. A client named Steve Guettermann has called the Mercury Retrograde readings "uncannily accurate"; another, named Christina Caudill, wrote, "I'm already seeing how things are unfolding as you indicated and your insights are providing invaluable."
Meanwhile on the Planet Waves website, Amanda Moreno muses on feeling 'stuck' and 'uninspired' -- a feeling many readers seem to be experiencing with this current retrograde. Judith Gayle has touched on some of the FOX News craziness that's been brewing. (Sarah Taylor has taken this week off from her tarot column.)
We've also featured a guest-post with some tips on how to approach those 'we need to talk' talks, by therapist and coach Amy Wood, Psy.D.
If you visit the website after noon EDT today, Len Wallick's column on this Gemini Mercury retrograde will be there to greet you. It's been another wild ride, but we're almost through it -- hopefully with some valuable new insights, if you've made the bold choice to notice them.

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