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Monogold is today's musical guest.
The World on Fire -- and the Sagittarius New Moon

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM (now part of the Pacifica Radio Network), I look closely at the Sagittarius New Moon, which takes place Friday, Dec. 11. The streak of planets now in Sagittarius aligns with many deep space points, including the core of our galaxy and the Great Attractor.

Planet Waves
Farook and Malik allegedly arrive at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for the first time together in July 2014. This is a primary source document issued by the federal government. But we don't know whether it's authentic or who these people are. Still, I've cast a chart for the time stated. Screen shot from MSNBC.
I also go over charts for the incident at the Indian Point nuclear power plant near Manhattan, as well as the chart for the arrival of the alleged shooters in last week's incident in San Bernardino, CA.

The federal government released an image with a time stamp on it -- which is an invitation to astrologers to cast the chart. Both of those charts are on the program's homepage.

On Saturday, The New York Times published an editorial on the proliferation of guns on its front page.

It was so apropos I've read the whole commentary in full. The Times tells the story of how and why they put an editorial on page one for the first time in nearly 100 years.

My musical guest is Brooklyn-based Monogold. Here is their bio, and here is their bandcamp page, where you can listen to their new CD project.

Thanks for tuning in.


Planet Waves
Chart for the Sagittarius New Moon.

Planet Waves

Uranus Conjunct Eris: On the Way to Self-Mastery

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

The other day I had an idea for a practical joke, which was to find a place that does low-run quantities of business cards, and have one for every possible activity I might say that I do professionally (publisher, medieval prognosticator, artist, poet, musician, photographer, astrologer, writer, reporter, consultant, dog nibbler, naughty boy, and so on).

Then when it's time do the 'give the person my card' thing I would hand them a stack of cards ask them what they want me to be as they pick through my various occupations. I don't want to decide -- you decide! I'm curious what you think.

Planet Waves
How far will technology push us? I am exploring this concept in Vision Quest, the 2016 annual edition of Planet Waves. Scene above is from Ex Machina. Here is a written review and analysis.
We're not living in the old days, when you were simply a mechanic or pattern maker or tire salesman and that was it. Till recently, a person could be punished by society for mastering two arts -- not taken seriously in either field, called 'jack of all trades', and so on. As with many other forms of monoculture, it was mandatory to choose.

Now, many people carry around a few different business cards. It's essential, as the concept of a job is disappearing and it's becoming increasingly necessary to be self-employed. The internet has pushed this into hyperdrive.

Yet the identity crisis we live with goes much deeper than one's concept of their true work. There are many competing forces that want to define you as them -- potentially among them, Apple, Google, Subaru, the Catholics, the Democrats, your family, your partner. The way I read astrology, Eris (representing discord, faceting, fragmentation, among other things) in Aries (self-concept, name, identity) tells this story. This transit has been going on since 1925 and it's not over any time soon.

Combined with many other factors (such as psychology), the question "who are you?" has never been more difficult to answer. Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries, which spans all of 2016 and 2017, is either going to push this phenomenon off the charts, or precipitate a series of breakthroughs. 

Astrology does different things for different people -- my purpose is to guide you to the new dimension where you get the full force of this aspect as self-inventive.


Aligning with the Sagittarius New Moon

Dear Friend and Reader:
We'll finish up this week with the Sagittarius New Moon, which is exact Friday at 5:29 am EST (10:29 UTC). This is the Sun and Moon making a conjunction in Sagittarius to begin a new lunar month. Given recent events in the world, a moment of quiet, focused introspection -- even if it calls us to bring ourselves into better alignment with our ideals -- feels welcome.
Planet Waves
Watching the sun set from the top floor of Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Photo by Danielle Voirin.
The current astrology involves the Sun in contact with Chiron and Uranus, and also Mars in a loose T-square with Pluto and Uranus. I've covered these aspects in this week's Monday Astrology Diary, which asks: What do you do when volcanic processes take center stage in your life? If it's part of a repeating pattern, are you ready to see it for what it is and learn from whatever disruption it might be causing?
Also this week, Mercury enters Capricorn Wednesday night into Thursday. In his column today, Len Wallick explains this symbol of being called to remember and express your humanity while acting on your conscience -- even as those who have forgotten their humanity continue to hold the reins of institutions in decay.
Fe Bongolan notes that with recent tragic events, all the usual suspects latent in America's xenophobic subconscious have emerged like ugly flowers. With them has sprouted our collective tendency to forget how scapegoating and attacking simply causes a bigger mess for everyone; it is up to each of us individually to respond from a state of reasoned calm instead.
Sarah Taylor describes in this week's tarot reading that you are slap-bang in the middle of being able to see how your thoughts create your reality, and to understand this and live it out. As the magician of your life, you are not simply passive: you have agency.
In this week's column by Amanda Moreno, she revisits and updates her column about creating a New Moon ritual for the Dec. 11 Sagittarius New Moon. If current events have left you feeling overwhelmed and you'd like to get proactive and creative about effecting change on the personal level that may ripple out to the collective, this piece offers some useful ideas.
Planet Waves
Pre-order the 2015-16 Sagittarius Birthday Reading here, for yourself or as a gift -- only $24.95 until after the reading publishes.
This week's sex-and-relationships column gives a nod to Venus moving through Scorpio (ruled by Mars) with excerpts from a pair of articles that reconsider or reframe two facets of sexuality. In the first, Joe Kort, Ph.D., discusses "Why I Am No Longer a Sex-Addiction Therapist" on Psychology Today. In the second, Stanley Siegel, LCSW, explains that, "When It Comes To Sex There is No Difference Between Male and Female Desire" on Psychology Tomorrow.
Judith Gayle this week welcomed us to the first week of the last month of 2015 with a call to look deep into our heart of hearts, including its shadowy corners, so that we might see the passionate purpose each of us has come to this planet, this lifetime, and this moment to serve.
Len and I will be back with your weekly horoscopes and essay in Thursday night's issue, while Eric continues to plug along at the much-anticipated Vision Quest annual readings. See you then on the Planet Waves website.

Amanda Painter
P.S. Friday's Sagittarius New Moon also makes a perfect reminder to pre-order the Sagittarius Birthday Reading (which is completely different from the upcoming Vision Quest annual readings) for any of your loved ones with a Sagittarius Sun or rising sign.

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