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Melanie Reinhart Redux, and A Treat From Pacifica

Dear Friend and Listener:

In case you missed it, a new program for Planet Waves FM / Pacifica Network premiered last night, called The Miracle Hour. Listen to the first edition here.

Today I've been concentrating on finishing the Aquarius Birthday Reading, and will have a new episode of Planet Waves FM for you tomorrow. I'll have coverage of the New Hampshire primary, and we'll be beginning the discussion of the Zika virus. I am also planning to read the chart of Aquarian Carole King, and to tell family stories about her.

Planet Waves
Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin. Photo by Planetary Radio.
For tonight, we also have a reprise of an interview with pioneering astrologer Melanie Reinhart.

Melanie is the author of Chiron and the Healing Journey, the most comprehensive book on Chiron, along with several other books, and is recognized as a leading contemporary astrologer.

Also, thanks to our affiliation with the Pacifica Network, we are privileged to bring you the latest episode of Planetary Radio, which features an interview with Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, the Caltech researchers who recently predicted a new Planet 9. Brown and Batygin discuss the implications of their research and how they came to their conclusions, and answer questions from listeners.

With love,

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Your Aquarius Birthday Reading is Ready!

Planet Waves
I've just finished the Aquarius birthday reading. My birthday readings are like a course in self-therapy, guided by astrology. The reading is designed to tune you into several levels of thought -- your "unconscious" level, your identity level, your values, and your point of exchange with others. The result is a truly helpful set of perspectives, priced to be affordable. You may play in any format, and the reading is designed for busy people -- in three 30-minute segments.

Listen to free samples here: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

Get your reading tonight at the lowest pre-order price here.

Planet Waves
Coming soon! Intro to Tarot and Divination class, taught by Eric Francis. Check your email or Facebook for an announcement this week.

This Week's Passion and Reason from Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

Monday we had what Eric described in the Monday Astrology Diary as a "spectacular" New Moon in Aquarius. What inspiration are you discovering from the meeting of passion and reason that the New Moon chart describes?

Planet Waves
Photo by Amanda Painter.
Today, Len Wallick urges you in his column to be grounded in what flows from and for you, through the everyday miracle of your existence. Venus and Jupiter are entering an earth-sign trine -- a good time to recognize the positive effect you have on the world, simply by being you.

Meanwhile, Fe Bongolan speaks up for San Francisco. Planet Waves has previously likened the NFL and its crown jewel -- the Super Bowl, which was played Feb. 7 -- to the gladiators of ancient Rome: spectacle and brutality whipping an empire into a frenzy. But at what social and economic cost does this event of supreme distraction come to the city that hosts it?

Speaking of conflict: conflict and harmony are two apparently contradictory terms; yet perhaps not always. Sarah Taylor explores both of these ideas as they appear in this week's tarot reading, the paradox they create, and the opportunity you have available to work magic with them.

In a piece republished from Slate, Claire Lundberg relates her experiences with "vaginal re-education" as part of France's healthcare system for women who have given birth. It's a wonderfully holistic approach, even if Lundberg has to overcome some embarrassment and French stereotypes to appreciate it. Imagine if all countries were so pro-active about women's sexual health.

Hot on the heels of the Iowa caucus, Judith Gayle dissects the state of the elections in her most recent column. She briefly considers the perpetually entertaining Bush family, and then turns the spotlight on her home state, before focusing on the only contest that really matters.

Amanda Moreno writes in her latest column that one definition of "queer" reads, in part, "to focus on the process of creating a life rather than on producing labels, constructing ideologies or manufacturing stability." She then investigates these ideas in the context of embodiment exercises in astrology workshops, and in how current global paradigms and our past lives may be a reason why embodiment and "queer" matter.

Len will be offering his Moonshine Horoscopes for this New Moon week in the Thursday issue (with Eric's lead essay), and Len's regular column will appear Friday. I'll be back with the weekend astrology on Thursday on the main Planet Waves website.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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