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Super Tuesday Edition of Planet Waves FM
Total Eclipse in Pisces, Indian Point is Leaking,
and the Laniakea Galactic Supercluster

Dear Friend and Reader:

Tonight we have a gorgeous Planet Waves FM for you, really, three programs in one [play episode]. First a reminder -- this program is sponsored by your memberships to Planet Waves, to Vision Quest and the affordable, excellent readings I offer.

Planet Waves
A total solar eclipse photographed by Anthony Ayiomamitis.
In the first segment, I read the chart for the total solar eclipse in Pisces that happens one week from today. I look closely at the many, many Pisces planets. 

What I neglect to mention is the presence of Jupiter in Virgo, serving as a massive counterweight to all that Pisces, without which the world might spin off of its axis.

As you listen, keep in mind that all those planets are opposite Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. I describe the Jupiter opposition extensively (particularly as a relationship feature) in the Pisces birthday reading, expected Wednesday.

There are so many planets conjunct the eclipse that it's tempting to ignore them, but I don't. Those include asteroid Photographica, centaur Nessus, Mercury, dwarf planet Ceres, the Sun, the Moon, asteroid Memoria, Kuiper object Borasisi, and centaur Chiron. Jeez. But, I actually make sense of this alignment. 

I then break for music by Sloan Wainwright, possibly my very favorite artist to feature on Planet Waves FM. When you listen, check out how she swings her gorgeous, alto voice. It's like she's pulsing to some rhythm that only she can hear.

In the second segment I do a news roundup that I had much help compiling, from my friends on the Eco List (Lizanne, Amanda, Amy, Len, Carol, Cynthia and others). First I look at the underground leak at the Indian Point nuclear plant just north of New York City. With the help of Manna Jo Green at Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, I was able to learn what that's about. 

Planet Waves
U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), an Iraq veteran who resigned this week as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to endorse Bernie Sanders.
The Borasisi connection (that is, the solar eclipse) is vital: the last time there was a New Moon conjunct that outer planet, the Fukushima tsunami and triple meltdown occurred.

Then I go over an issue that hasn't made the news yet -- a massive release of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur compounds that flooded the West Coast a week ago and may be a precursor to an earthquake [see really freaky satellite video here].

Next up is U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), an Iraq vet and congresswoman who resigned this week as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee so she could endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

This was apparently so controversial that her appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show last night was either disappeared or buried so deep nobody can find it on the MSNBC website. I speculate about what might have happened.

Last, I look into the incident wherein Donald Trump was endorsed by ex-KKK chief and white supremacist David Duke. Yes, that's what I said. Trump pretended not to know about Duke, the KKK or white supremacy. For that, I have the help of Democracy Now!, our sister program on the Pacifica Network.

Bonus Section: Interview with Prof. Brent Tully, Galactic Astronomer

Planet Waves
Illustration of the Laniakea Supercluster from a Nature video. Tonight we feature an interview with Prof. Brent Tully, the leader of the astronomical team that mapped this out in 2014. See the video here.
I've been saving this interview for a few weeks, and am presenting it now. Some astronomers are friendly to astrologers.

One of them is Brent Tully of the University of Hawaii (today is Hawaii Day), who is part of the project of mapping out the supercluster of which the Milky Way galaxy is part.

Our supercluster (of about 100,000 galaxies) is called Laniakea, and it all leads to this thing I have often referenced, called the Great Attractor.

Prof. Tully is a specialist in measuring the distances between galaxies. He's one of four people on the Laniakea team that has been mapping out the way that the group of galaxies that surround us is structured.

Planet Waves
Friendly Pisces astrophysicist Prof. Brent Tully.
In the illustration above, you can see their depiction of the various shapes that galaxy groups take, which in our neck of the universe all lead back to the Great Attractor in mid-Sagittarius, something I've mentioned in astrology readings many times.

Basically, it turns out that the center of our little galaxy is nearby in Sagittarius, but so too is the center of the known universe. It's located about 200 million light years away. If Sagittarians have ever seemed a little extra something to you, this illustrates the point.

Tully first takes us through what a galaxy is, what a black hole is, what dark matter is -- and then we move on, to the structure of our supercluster. This is a truly amazing presentation that you will not hear the likes of anyplace else.

I am always grateful when an astronomer is supportive of the work that research astrologers are doing. They tend to be the very brightest scientists who understand that we are interested in the cosmos just like they are.

And that's your program. Amanda has written a summary of everything else on Planet Waves the past few days, below.


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Planet Waves
Moon jellyfish photo by Alexander Vasenin.
ATTENTION PISCES -- Sun, Moon and rising! The Sun is in your sign (and a gorgeous eclipse is headed your way), which means your 2016-17 birthday reading is now available for pre-order. You can get that here for just $19.97.

You may find out more about your reading here.

Planet Waves
How Do You Read These Things, Anyway?

That is the question, isn't it? No matter how many books about the tarot you read, that does not assure being able to read them. Then people who have never read a book can come up with amazing interpretations.

The tarot is a visual language. But reading the cards is a ritual, whether you're doing it for yourself or for someone else. In my first online tarot class, this coming Saturday, I will introduce that ritual and how to work with it. Information is being conveyed long before the first card is read. Merely sitting with the client begins to address their question; if you're working alone, the choice to make an inquiry begins to invoke the response you need.

This class will cover three main topics: one is the setup, which we call "divination." That's the ritual of considering what you want to know, and of making the space to get your response.

Second, we will learn a method for understanding a card. We will compare several of the same cards from different decks, and learn the visual language of the tarot. This will be applicable to any deck.

Last, we will learn how to read the cards in the context of one another. This is the real art of interpreting. You bounce the cards off of one another and get new ideas. This is the thing I've never seen covered in a book.

The class will be three hours, from noon EST to 3pm EST on Saturday, March 5. Access will be by teleseminar. It's easy to use; you can dial in, use Skype or listen from a website.

Materials will be distributed by email. This is important -- if you plan to participate, please be attentive to your email so you get the materials in good time.

Then we will have an email list discussion that goes on for as long as people are interested in participating.

The class will be available for review as a recording, and will also include a one-hour interview with Sarah Taylor, the Planet Waves tarot writer, on the subject of how to handle sensitive material about sex and relationships using the tarot.

I look forward to seeing you there! Here is the link to sign up.

Something's Fishy: Pisces News and More From Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:
We're exactly one week away from the first of this year's eclipses: a total eclipse of the Sun with the Pisces New Moon on March 8. Eric offered an enthusiastic view of this Pisces season in the Monday Astrology Diary, noting that planets are aligning in the sign beautifully, inviting everyone to "tune into the sixth sense."
Planet Waves
Orange fish with a big attitude. PW archive photo by Bev Dulis.
Sticking with the Pisces theme, Fe Bongolan swims through sports, politics and the Oscars in her paean to Pisces and our current season of the fish, in her latest column.
Amanda Moreno fondly refers to this time of year as Pisces Dream Season. While there are other astrological times when dream activity may increase, this is one of the most predictable. Amanda offers some tips in her latest column for engaging in dream work, especially in the context of the mutually supportive fields of depth psychology and astrology.
Rob Moore is fondly familiar with Neptune's wonderfully inspiring and visionary qualities. But he's no stranger to its capacity to be misty and foggy, if not downright deceptive at times. In his column this week, he describes a recent experience with a sexual enhancement "tea"; Eric has broadened the discussion in the comments to include the many ways people often alter their consciousness to engage in sex.
Meanwhile, in an all-Swords tarot reading this week, Sarah Taylor asks you to contemplate two options in your life, and that moment of stillness where you can choose between them. Given that we're in the realm of the mind, however, you have all the resources you need to make a clear, insightful decision.
In Len Wallick's column today, he considers Mercury and Mars changing signs as we approach next week's Pisces New Moon and total solar eclipse. It's more like a "count up" than a "count down," suggesting that you work towards gaining something rather than fearing you'll lose something.
Len will be back with his second column of the week on Friday; you can find my piece on the Planet Waves website Thursday after midnight EST, where I'll look at the pre-eclipse weekend astrology. In the meantime, since the Sun's in Pisces: just keep swimming!

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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