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This Week on Planet Waves FM
Map of the World (and Masturbation Month)

Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here], I recap Monday's Mercury transit of the Sun and fill in a few additional approaches to that astrology as a transformational tool. I then fill in the details on what else is moving in the sky right now.

Planet Waves
Recording (and all-round) artist Jane Siberry.
In the second segment, as promised some months ago, I return as a sociologist to the theme of "pickup artist" culture. We embarked on this subject late last summer when I interviewed Jake and Jared from Waking Life Coffee in Asheville, North Carolina.

In this segment I return to one of the source documents, The Game by Neil Strauss, wherein the author, on a magazine assignment, infiltrates the "secret society of pickup artists" -- and then becomes one.

I deconstruct the techniques he advocates using, as a means of getting a social map of Western civilization.

In the third segment, I do my first of two offerings on Masturbation Month, the unofficial celebration of the thing that everyone does. I take it from the viewpoint of how on Earth masturbation still remains so controversial, tracing the controversy back to its probable origins.

I introduce masturbation as the perfect tantric tool -- a topic I will return to next week.

My musical guest is one of the most gifted musical artists of our lifetimes, Jane Siberry. Have you heard her name? You have now! Have you heard her music? You are about to. I would say sit down, but what I mean is stand up and get ready to spin around the room you're in or the BART or D train you're riding.

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That 'Ahhh' Feeling: Your Taurus Reading, and a Gift
"I loved the video format -- seeing you in your lovely studio, with chart in hand. Everything, as always, was totally spot on. And I truly enjoyed watching you."
-- Liz Glanville
Dear Friend and Taurus:

Speaking as someone with a Taurus Sun, I'm aware that I don't leap to buy just anything that crosses my path. I want it to be well made; to be beautiful; to feel good; to be truly useful, rather than just collecting dust on a shelf. I want to say Ahhhhh the moment I encounter it. Are you the same way?

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Your birthday reading: as easefully elegant as Fred Astaire (born May 10, 1899), pictured here dancing with Cyd Charisse. Could you use a little extra grace in your life right now?
Do you wish you could listen to (and watch) your latest Taurus Birthday Reading first, feel that sense of Ahhhhh, and then buy it?

What if you sort of can?

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"It is amazing to me, that no matter what time of the birthday year I refer back to it, it has something to offer." -- Ann Cortese, 87

With Mars about to retrograde back into your relationship house and the Uranus-Eris conjunction asking you identity questions (not to mention Mercury taking you deep into yourself and what you most value), Eric's birthday reading for Taurus will be like fresh, solid ground beneath your feet.

And: not only can you listen to last year's reading -- on us -- to review recent themes of your life, all Planet Waves readings are guaranteed.

Your fellow Taurus,

Amanda Painter

Planet Waves

This Week on Planet Waves

Planet Waves
Jonathan Cainer, 1957-2016

Jonathan Cainer's technical partner and long-term friend Stephen Lord has written this beautiful and moving eulogy to his "wildly generous, crazy, loving, maddening, big-hearted friend." We're profoundly grateful to Stephen for getting in touch, and for sharing his memories of Jonathan with us.

Planet Waves
Planet Waves TV: Mercury Transit of the Sun

Eric describes Monday's Mercury transit of the Sun -- an exact conjunction of these two bodies. There is a conjunction each time Mercury goes past the Earth (as it's doing now). But typically Mercury will pass above or below the Sun. On Monday, it walked directly across the surface of the Sun, which Eric interprets.

Planet Waves
Jonathan Cainer: The Cosmic Voice of Reason

"It's true that Jonathan strived to be inspiring, but he succeeded in more than that. I considered him an actual philosopher. I knew him personally since 1999, and I can attest to the fact that he practiced what he preached." Eric's touching farewell to his friend and mentor, who passed away suddenly last week.

Planet Waves
Taurus New Moon and Your Inner Beltane Celebration

With the Taurus New Moon you might have noticed that your awareness of Beltane themes -- sexuality, union, contact with the Earth, experiencing your senses -- is drawing you within yourself, rather than inviting you to frolic al fresco. Amanda Painter suggests allowing for some introspection.

Planet Waves
So How Does It Feel To Have That Body?

Rob Moore offers tribute to how freely and comfortably Jonathan Cainer lived in the physical world, and turns his attention to what an uncomfortable path many people must walk (or tunnel) to feeling at home in their physical bodies. It was not always natural for Rob, either; yet he offers some strategies to engage.

Planet Waves
Emergence and Belief: An Anniversary

Wednesday was the 30th anniversary of Amanda Moreno's father's death. In honor of this milestone, she chose to run this early column of hers again, since our current astrology has immersed her in the matrix of this event. It first published in Planet Waves on Aug. 3, 2014. We wish her many ladybug sightings.

Planet Waves
Stubby Fingers on the Red Button

Did you know that once the Republicans and Democrats pick their official nominees at the summer national conventions, those nominees get CIA briefings? Does that thought disturb you more than just a little in the case of Donald Trump? Fe Bongolan ponders the possible nightmare scenarios.

Planet Waves
The Operative Prefix

With Jupiter now direct, Mercury still retrograde and the Moon in Cancer, Len Wallick suggests you make an extra effort to be clear with yourself about your feelings. Also, consider that what might seem like an emotional reaction by another person could actually feel like a reasoned response from their perspective.

Planet Waves
Best Laid Plans

In Switzerland, a weasel (or possibly a beech marten) chewed through a power cord at the Large Hadron Collider. Having been counted out by MSM, Bernie Sanders beat Clinton in Indiana, and his numbers are good in Oregon, West Virginia and into future primaries. Judith Gayle reflects on the plans that went awry.

Planet Waves

It's well known that Mercury retrograde can be a pain in the backside. Yet for many it's actually a source of relief, rest or inspiration -- particularly if one flows with the proverbial tide. Amy Elliott thinks if you have experienced a less than ideal phase, Monday's Sun-Mercury conjunction may still be of use this week.

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