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Bob Dylan from the Blonde on Blonde era. Photo: Rolling Stone.
This Week on Planet Waves FM
Twin Charts: Sagittarius Full Moon, Gemini New Moon

Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here], I welcome the Sun to Gemini (it arrives Friday, May 20), and read the charts for the forthcoming Sagittarius Full Moon and the Gemini New Moon. You can see those charts here.

Planet Waves
Eric Francis, host of Planet Waves FM.
I give a visual version of this presentation in the current Planet Waves TV.

As part of that welcome, our music today is provided by the quintessential Gemini himself, Bob Dylan, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of his masterpieces, Blonde on Blonde.

In the astrology portion at the top of the show, I describe the relationship between a slow-moving pattern in the background -- Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in a T-square pattern -- and then overlay the Full Moon chart, which adds many other points. 

All of these planets are in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The message is hang loose and give yourself permission to change your mind when you get new information, or have a new idea.

In the second segment, I read a reader letter from Susanne Vincent, who is responding to last week's edition of Planet Waves.

In the third segment of the program, I read the chart for May 16, 1966 -- the day that Blonde on Blonde and Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys came out, and the day that the "Cultural Revolution" in China began. This was not the friendly kind of culture party we had in the U.S. but rather the beginning of a holocaust of artists, intellectuals and dissidents.

In the last segment, I read the lyrics and talk about the title of Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again."

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With love,

Planet Waves

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Planet Waves
Photo from Mykonos, Greece, May 2005, by Eric Francis.
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A Neon Sign Showing You the Way: Your 2016 Gemini Reading
"It is simply beautiful to behold your suggestions for Gemini concerning 2015-2016. It has occurred to me before that your understanding of Gemini is quite extraordinarily precise and I meant to give you that feedback but never quite found the right moment. There is always such wealth of information in what you broadcast."
-- Gemini Alexandra Marx
Dear Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising:

There's a lot to 'get' about Geminis. Yet astrologers sometimes settle for cookbook descriptions of duality and 'twin' themes. Not everyone goes where Eric Francis goes.

Planet Waves
Do you see the synapses of your mind, or a roadmap of your life? Either way, Eric will offer clear signs in your Gemini Reading to help you make connections and find your way. Untitled painting by Alexandra Marx, one of the artists from the Vision Quest 2016 annual edition.
Eric is able to place those themes in a deeper context -- one that empowers you to understand yourself as a whole, embodied person with depth beyond being 'good with language' or having 'two sides' to your personality. Even if you think you exemplify those traits.

"All I can say is I am so stoked. Not only are you giving us a reading, but a teaching that is invaluable. Thank you so very much Eric. You rock!"
-- Gemini client Anna Marie Davis

Eric is now incorporating video into the birthday readings this year: your 2016 Gemini Birthday Reading will include two segments of audio astrology, plus a video segment with your annual tarot reading.

This means you get to absorb the story of your solar year in more than one format -- and what a dynamic year it is! For example, Mars is still currently retrograde in your relationship house (Sagittarius), and Saturn is midway through its travels there.

Your relationships, your desires and your beliefs about them are undergoing some kind of transformation or restructuring. That might feel disorienting sometimes, but Eric is right by your side.

"Listening to an Eric Francis reading is very much like having an intimate conversation with a valued friend and mentor. This Gemini reading sent me into the attic of mind for very early memories that needed to be dusted off, acknowledged and let go of. The reading had me looking at the now and the need to create. It showed me a future that can be of my own choosing. This Gemini reading is a neon sign showing me the way."
-- Nora Connaughton

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Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
Planet Waves Astrology Editor

Planet Waves
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This Week on Planet Waves

Planet Waves
Full Moon, New Moon: Twin Charts for Gemini

Eric describes the forthcoming Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21. You can only have the Sagittarius Full Moon when the Sun is in Gemini, which begins May 20. Then Eric looks ahead to the Gemini New Moon, taking the two charts as one event, and explaining the lunar cycle -- the Full Moon/New Moon pulse -- in some detail.

Planet Waves
Mercury and Mars Rx: The Underlying Question

"When you're trying to decipher a retrograde planet, especially an inner planet, think: a statement becomes a question. Something externally expressed becomes internally available. There is a review of the past." In this week's edition, Eric considers the hidden questions posed by Mercury and Mars retrograde.

Planet Waves
Last Days of Taurus, Sagittarius Full Moon

"You can reasonably expect some previously hidden feelings, ideas, necessities or underlying issues to rise to the surface. Here is the thing to remember: How you handle them is up to you." In this week's Astrology Diary, Eric guides you through the "adventure" as we approach the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Planet Waves
Beautiful Mind, Intelligent Body, Artful Emotions

Recent astrological highlights emphasize tangible ways that you can process your thoughts and emotions. That is, going beyond 'just' thinking or feeling, and involving your body, your environment or some kind of direct contact with others looks like the way to go deep. Amanda Painter gives some examples.

Planet Waves
That Which Outlasts Mercury Retrograde

Are Mercury retrograde phases a horror show or an opportunity for you? Rob Moore recounts his personal journey from seemingly experiencing disappointing career and romance reversals with each Mercury retrograde to being able to learn from them in ways that offer more fruit than frustration.

Planet Waves
Healing the Healer

Lately Amanda Moreno has been wondering: who heals the healer? Our culture and traditions do not typically empower people to learn how to heal themselves. Yet, there is a valid need for support and community, and guides and teachers along the path, as well as healthy processing in relationships.

Planet Waves

Fe Bongolan likens the "Rumpus Room" of her exuberant childhood playing to the disruption at Nevada's state Democratic Convention over the weekend, and looks ahead to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. How fast can we grow out of the rumpus room without hurting ourselves?

Planet Waves
Marked and Remarked

When the Sun enters Gemini Friday, it lights up the degree where an eclipse occurred in 2012. Len Wallick connects the dots between that event and several others, suggesting that you have a chance to pull a lot of things together, and to open yourself to the possibilities of an exceptional time.

Planet Waves
In The Eye Of The Beholder

This week, Judith Gayle dives head-first into hell, questioning exactly what's going on in the minds of those strange creatures otherwise known as Trump supporters. As it turns out, a little history -- plus some perspective courtesy of places such as Borneo, Colombia and Gaza -- shines quite the powerful torch.

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