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Double Edition of Planet Waves FM
1: The Astrology of August, and Why I Got Out of Politics
2: Robert Schmidt Discusses the Inventor of Western Astrology

Dear Planet Waves Listener:

Tonight we have something that's got a touch of history to it: an interview with Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight [play episode here], who last week announced that he had discovered the inventor of Greek astrology, which means Western astrology.

Planet Waves
Robert Schmidt in 2006 at the Baltimore NCGR convention. File photo.
From its beginnings in 1993, Project Hindsight tasked itself with the translation of ancient astrological texts, so that astrologers would have them to use and learn from. Up to that point, the translations were nonexistent or poorly done, and the origins of Western astrology were hazy.

Eventually as his collaborators Robert Hand and Robert Zoller went in their own directions, Hindsight under Schmidt's leadership stuck exclusively to Greek astrology, starting with documents from the 4th century BCE. Those include something called the Thema Mundi, which we discuss in the interview.

Through extensive reading and translation of the literature, Schmidt deduced that there were both founders and a founding era, and his research all points to a Greek mathematician and astronomer named Eudoxus of Cnidus (c. 390 - c. 337 BCE) as the leading founder.

In tonight's regular edition [play episode here], I look at the current astrology -- Ceres in Taurus and Vesta in Cancer; and then open up the astrology of August, covering the Mars ingress into Sagittarius, Mars conjunct Saturn, the Leo New Moon and Jupiter opposite Chiron. This is a juicy astrology discussion, with lots about Ceres, Vesta and Chiron.

In the second segment, I talk about why I got out of politics as a full-time vocation in the spring of 1986: the reason being, politics is all about lying, and I could not do that for a living.

I begin with a recap of Dr. Wilhelm Reich's theory of politics (the 'mystical longing answered in the authoritarian leader'). Then I get into the story of a campaign I managed for the SUNY Buffalo student government, and what happened as a result. It is, in part, the story of my first Chiron square -- a morality tale for sure.

If you want to comment on the Schmidt interview, I suggest you do so on the Planet Waves page associated with the show (free registration required) or my Facebook page.

With love,

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Find Some BALANCE: Your 2016 Midyear Readings

No two 12-sign Midyear Readings from Planet Waves are exactly alike. Yet they all have something important in common: customers find exactly what they need to hear in them at exactly the right moment.

We live in tumultuous times, but also exceedingly rich ones, for those who can see the potential. Balance: the 2016 Midyear Reading is Eric's upcoming offering to help you find breathing room in your life, sure to inspire you like this listener, named Elizabeth, was:

Planet Waves
"I don't know how Eric does it, but yet again he's produced readings that speak to me in a very specific, pertinent way about my innermost feelings and current state of mind and development, whilst simultaneously positioning my personal quest and questions in the broader context of the times we live in, the 'bigger picture', if you like.

"How can his readings, written for the many, be so uncannily true for me? He somehow puts into the perfect words my unexpressed but very much felt awareness that my life purpose is not something separate from who I essentially am, but integral, essential -- my creativity and I are (ideally) one seamless expression.

"Because he's so accurate, so spot on in his portrayal of my life right now, I know I can trust and be inspired by the guidance, the tools for living and growing he also offers as part of the reading -- I see my life, and my available resources, with greater clarity; I see how I might move forward, be bolder about my choices, experiment more, develop bigger ideas, manifest and embody the best, the creative aspect of myself.

"He's an exceptional astrologer, and I have experienced real, tangible benefits from the mid-year readings -- I'm not 'there' yet, but the fact that I'm even on the journey is very much thanks to Eric's skill and intuition: timely, specific, mind-expanding analysis and advice." -- Elizabeth

Eric is here to help you recognize the possibilities that a time of exceedingly fast change opens up, and help you find the inner resources to make the most of our moment.

You can pre-order all 12 signs of BALANCE: the 2016 Midyear Reading for only $47 through July 27.

After tomorrow, the price will increase to $57 -- still an incredible value for the degree of inspiration, motivation, peace of mind and integrative potential that awaits you.

A Leo Reading Fit for a King (or Queen)

Dear Friend and Reader:

While some Leos roar and others go about the task of leadership quietly and without fanfare, one thing is sure: becoming sovereign in one's own life can be challenging. If you or anyone you love with a Leo Sun, Leo rising or a Leo Moon could use a nudge in the right direction -- or some deeper insights into current questions -- please consider giving them (or yourself) the 2016-17 Leo Birthday Reading as a gift.

Planet Waves
"Eric, this year you outdid yourself, if that is all possible. You literally just put my life, feeling, thoughts, even questions in layman terms. My last hour has been a bunch of 'aha' moments." -- Tracy Nicastro; photo via Michael E. Brooks.
This will be a blend of audio and video, astrology and tarot -- although it's not really accurate to describe it just as an astrology reading.

Eric creates something more like a motivational immersion experience, but at a fraction of the cost of a workshop.

The current price is $24.97, and the price will increase when Eric publishes the reading.

(You can buy it at the higher price if you'd like to support Planet Waves as much as possible; but if you want to save money, you'll have to pre-order it soon.)

Eric does not provide answers so much as the tools to come up with your own answers. It's one of the best possible forms of empowerment, allowing you to take the lead in your life while knowing you have support.

Mars will shortly enter your house of creativity and fun; soon, Jupiter will arrive at your house of communication and travel. What will you do with such great energy? Eric will have plenty of ideas for how to get things purring along.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
Planet Waves Astrology Editor

P.S. You can get a feel for Eric's style and check his accuracy by listening to last year's Leo Reading, on us. When you're ready to harness the present and create your future, pre-order the 2016-17 Leo Reading here.

Planet Waves

This Week on Planet Waves

Note: Amy E. Jacobs is our embedded journalist with the UpToUS progressive caravan to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Her first four articles are listed below as a group.

Planet Waves
PWTV: Sun in Leo and the Grand Fire Trine

In this week's Planet Waves TV, Eric describes the transition we've made from a grand water trine to a grand fire trine. This week, Mercury (in Leo) and the Moon make aspects to planets in Aries and Sagittarius -- a significant shift away from the murky watery energy of recent weeks and months.

Planet Waves
How Not to Go Insane

Based on even a cursory reading of the news, or listening to anyone speak for more than five minutes, the mental health problem is now obviously at the pandemic scale. Eric suggests that recent random acts of violence and the lack of the obligation to make any sense are clues of its existence.

Planet Waves
Sun in Leo: Keeping House in Your Heart

The astrology of this week seems to suggest both that we let love rule, and that we do the requisite 'housecleaning' and adjustment to allow that to happen. As Amanda Painter describes, that is not always easy or simple -- but the Leo Sun will be shining plenty of light into the heart of the season.

Planet Waves
Behind the Veil

When a wise woman wonders aloud to Amanda Moreno if perhaps what we're experiencing now is the lifting of 'the veil', the idea that 'what's behind the veil' might not be a mystical-romantic concept or otherworldly reality shocks her. Yet it leads to a series of worthwhile insights and questions.

Planet Waves
Day One

Fe Bongolan writes on the event-filled days between the RNC and DNC conventions: a WikiLeaks DNC email leak, Trump's ties to Putin, and what could be Russian interference in American elections. It's as though this transition between conventions was written as an international spy thriller by John Le Carre.

Planet Waves
Unfinished Business

The lunar last quarter today and Uranus stationing retrograde on Friday combine to raise the subject of unfinished business as the Democratic Party gathers where the U.S. was born. As Len Wallick suggests, cleaning up some originating errors and beginning anew can be messy, but it may be why we're here now.

Planet Waves
Leo: Sunshine for the Heart, and Creative Kicks

This week, coincidentally at the heart of the summer, there's a lot of inventive, playful fire energy about, including a grand fire trine between Pholus, Uranus-Eris and Mercury. Amy Elliott explores what's going on in the sky, and notes some of the ways you might be able to harness this change of astrological pace.

The UpToUS Caravan to the DNC -- Article Series

Planet Waves
On the Road With the UpToUS Caravan

Amy E. Jacobs guests on Planet Waves as an embedded reporter with the UpToUS progressive caravan making its way from two ends of the U.S. to Philadelphia, PA. Started by Divergent actress Shailene Woodley, the campaign intends to make waves at the Democratic National Convention.

Planet Waves
UpToUS Caravan Heads to Philadelphia

Amy Jacobs commences her journey to Philly, starting with a benefit concert in Boulder, CO. On her travels, she reflects on the purpose of the journey and on how this movement may just embody the social progress that's desperately needed -- as she puts it, "the bright potential of the human race."

Planet Waves
Am I really going to write about love again?

Reporting from Ferguson, MO, Amy Jacobs describes an exciting panel discussion on racial justice, featuring seasoned activists. Then she considers her experience of the journey so far. "We are trying every day to live in a way that is as true to our humanity as possible. This journey is part of the effort."

Planet Waves
In Philadelphia for the DNC

Amy Jacobs and the UpToUS crew are in Philadelphia. She writes that various actions are planned, including Occupy DNC March on the Convention, which has almost 30,000 RSVPs on Facebook. She also attended a rally Sunday night, featuring several big names, including Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman.

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