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This Week on Planet Waves FM
Your Election Special Edition of Planet Waves FM

Dear Friend and Reader:

As promised, tonight I have a special extended edition of Planet Waves FM. I included an extra hour in case you need that much more relief from cable or network news the next day or so.

Planet Waves
In tonight's program [play episode here], I have lots of music for you, a look ahead at the astrology of Election Day and up to mid-January, a look at the USA Sibly chart, a review of this wild ride we've been on, and much more.

In the last hour of the program, I hang out with Jon McCarthy, CFO and artist in residence here at Planet Waves [the advertising segment is included with the program and also has its own player, right below the regular show].

Starting from the idea of social narratives, we contemplate how advertising impacts culture, and how it's used politically.

I play two segments of a talk by Amherst College Prof. Sut Jhally, founder of the Media Education Foundation.

His theory is that advertising drives all of the most important narratives of our society, and that by driving consumerism, it's also driving environmental destruction.

The documentary these segments come from is called Advertising and the End of the World. We will be back soon with more from Jhally.

Then Jon and I listen to a series of political ads, some local, others national, and one of the most famous in history, and assess them using the 'cultural narrative' approach. Thanks to Amy Elliott and Lizanne Webb for selecting ads, and Amy for choosing the segments from Advertising and the End.

Thank you to our customers, subscribers and members and my clients, who make this program possible.

As mentioned elsewhere, I'll be available much of tomorrow into the evening on my personal Facebook page. We're also hosting a discussion on the Planet Waves main page.

Vote early and often!

With love,
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This Week on Planet Waves
Planet Waves
It's Already Been an Interesting Week
As the election looms, and with so much at stake, it's not exactly surprising that tensions are running high just now. As Eric notes: in the tradition of the Planet Waves psychic storm shelter, we're a place you can come for some community love and a spot by the fire if things get weird or stressful.
Planet Waves
Michael Moore On Democracy Now!
Michael Moore has released a surprise new film about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton titled Michael Moore in TrumpLand. On Friday, Democracy Now! sat down with the Academy Award-winning filmmaker and talked about how he moved from supporting Bernie Sanders to now supporting Hillary Clinton.
Planet Waves
Where are the strong, and who are the trusted?
In this week's edition, the last one before Tuesday's election, Eric Francis looks at our tendency to elevate political leaders to Superman-like status, and where that stems from. He reminds us that the personal is political; how you relate to your parents, partners, children and the rest of the world matters.
Planet Waves
Look Under the Lid, Let Out the Surprise
If you have any puzzles, mysteries or proposals on your plate, you should be in the perfect frame of mind to dig deep. But what if that puzzle or mystery has to do with certain of your beliefs, and prompts an emotional release? Amanda Painter considers Mercury in aspect to Pluto, plus Venus contacting Chiron and Uranus.
Planet Waves
Time Out of Time
This week started off with a change to civil time-keeping in the U.S., a first quarter Moon and the beginning of a special time of year. As Len Wallick explains, this will probably require you to make adjustments, and almost certainly will enhance your power to create, by actively changing the rhythms of your life.

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