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Still from the Florence + The Machine music video for Spectrum. Watch the video here.
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Venus, Chiron and the Divine Feminine

Dear Friend and Listener:

With the approaching end of Venus retrograde, and Venus conjunct Chiron, tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here] is about the Divine Feminine. This means something different to everyone. What it means to me is a healing and creative source at the core of both cosmos and psyche, that's available to us all the time.

I look at both current events and current astrology -- Mercury retrograde, the Sun about to pass through the Uranus-Eris alignment, and the end of Venus retrograde; and some corresponding events: Trump as a war president, the aggressive actions of United Airlines removing a passenger from a plane, and the natal chart and confirmation chart of Neil Gorsuch.

Our musical accompaniment is provided by Florence + The Machine. I play some selections of her music, and devote Tantra Corner to a reading of her natal chart.

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Thanks for listening.

With love,
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Planet Waves
Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

I'm ready to begin work on the spring 2017 reading.

Revolution is in the air, but a little something seems to be missing: introspection. World events are certifiably insane. The electronic environment is sucking our time, our souls and our relationships down the digital drain.

Yet the same aspect that describes this -- the rare and rebellious Uranus-Eris conjunction -- also describes the potential for profound personal reinvention.

And that's what the 2017 spring reading is about: how to dial that in; how to create a vision for who you want to be; how to uncover who you are despite the massive distractions and anti-social conditioning of the digital environment.

Until a widespread social movement becomes the tide that raises all ships, those who are awakening must actively engage in inner exploration, self-understanding and relationship-for-truth.

The theme of this year's spring reading:
Planet Waves

The revolution is within, and INVOLUTION is your guide. Consisting of 12 individual sign readings, recorded in studio-quality audio/video, you will love these readings. They will be available as YouTube presentations as well as downloadable audio for listening on your pod, tablet or as you drive.

Planet Waves
Big horn ram in Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Photo by Joseph.
"Your reading has given direction and meaning on how to proceed, to learn and move forward in these difficult, unsettling times and at the same time, inspiring me to tap into limitless creative gifts. Thank you, Eric; from my heart to your heart, I send you deep abiding gratitude for your penetrating insight and your deep caring concern, with which you carry out your mission for all of us!"
-- Ann Cortese, B.S., M.P.S.

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This Week on Planet Waves
Planet Waves
Artemis on the Rise
As Eric writes in this week's Astrology Diary, the question that many people are wondering and that everyone should be wondering is: will enough potentially conscious, loving people wake up to facilitate society taking action? The new Uranus-Eris cycle has just begun. What will we do with this potential?
Planet Waves
Venus, in Search of Chiron
In Thursday's full edition, Eric considers the impending conjunction between retrograde Venus and Chiron, in late Pisces. He discusses what it has to say from the perspective of feminism, and about how both women and men get in the way of their own freedom. Through examining this, we can glimpse a more equal world.
Planet Waves
Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mercury Retrograde
Have you ever been involved in a project that lacks a clear leader within the group? And maybe you feel excited because you just know that you have the right ideas and could totally direct your team to success, if they'd listen to you? Amanda Painter suggests a recent major aspect pattern looks a little like that.
Planet Waves
The Implicit Breath
Every breath is important. Not all breaths, however, are equal. As noted by correlations Len Wallick makes with the "abundance of retrogrades" of visible planets this week, anytime your breath is taken away, it's an event worth noting -- for the inspiration its cause and circumstance may invoke.
Planet Waves
Democracy Now! Pick of the Week
Without congressional approval, on Thursday night the United States attacked a Syrian airfield. The move comes after the U.S. accused Assad's forces of using the air base to carry out a chemical weapons attack that killed 86 people, including at least 30 children. Syria denies carrying out the attack.
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Planet Waves
Suffer the Children
"God forbid innocent children are hurt by their own president!" Indeed. (Congrats to Jen Sorensen for being named one of this year's Pulitzer Prize finalists for editorial cartooning!)
Planet Waves
Unraveling the Russia Threads
First it was curious; then an outrage. Now? Matt Bors wonders how many people have gotten tied up in knots over Trump's Russia connections.
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