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Brian Eno, center, and U2, doing something -- playing with mouse traps, or guitar pedals, or lighting books on fire -- I don't know what, early 1980s. Actually, they're working on the CD cover. Present left to right are Adam Clayton, designer Steve Averill (who came up with the band name U2, and who designed all of their album covers), Bono (Paul Hewson), and to the right of Eno, The Edge (David Evans).
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Before and After Eno: Bowie, Talking Heads, U2

Dear Planet Waves Listener:

Today's edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here] is really a glorified version of my old show, the Music Appreciation Hour. Only today you might say that it's Record Producer Appreciation Hour, if that producer is Brian Eno and if his clients are some of the most sublime musical artists of our lifetimes.

Planet Waves
Brian Eno, who turned 69 yesterday.
More on that in a moment.

I go over the current astrology, including Mercury in Taurus, the continued discussion of Mercury direct splitting open the Uranus-Eris conjunction, and that whole crazy thing where Trump fires the chief of the FBI, while he's busy chumming around and revealing state secrets to the USSR, er, the Russians. Those people about whom we keep hearing so much.

What's this got to do with the Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017? I get into that, too.

Then I look at the charts of Eno, David Bowie, David Byrne and Bono, and show where they connect mainly through the earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, and through Scorpio. Here's Eno's chart, and in a separate window, here are the charts of three rather earthy rockers.

In Tantra Corner, I look at one of Wilhelm Reich's most famous quotes about the appeal of fascism, its relationship to sexual repression, and how self-sex unravels the whole knot.

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With love,
Here's a list of the albums featured on today's show:

1. David Bowie -- Hunky Dory (Amazon | iTunes)
2. David Bowie -- Low (Amazon | iTunes)
3. Talking Heads -- 77 (Amazon | iTunes)
4. Talking Heads -- Remain in Light (Amazon | iTunes)
5. U2 -- October (Amazon | iTunes)
6. U2 -- The Unforgettable Fire (Amazon | iTunes)
7. U2 -- The Joshua Tree (Amazon | iTunes)
8. Brian Eno -- Another Green World (Amazon | iTunes)

Planet Waves
Jonah Kelly Francis and Henrietta Saint Francis on the world's largest dog bed.
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Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

I don't say this out loud often, but the world is a scary place right now. While many spiritual traditions say that fear is never an appropriate response to life, it's certainly understandable. It's so intense that I have to talk myself down from the tree every now and then, and put myself back on solid ground.

Here's what I think is the most frightening thing: the dim recognition that we cannot really do anything about the world's problems. Even when you get to a place where you feel somewhat confident and stable, the crises of the planet -- psychological, environmental, political, economic, all of it -- are always right outside the front door. And people seem frozen, struggling even for the concept of solutions.

Planet Waves
Uranus, the planet of revolution.
Think of it. Aware, sensitive people know there are problems, and we also feel the seeming paralysis. Not only that, we're inundated with influences to shut down our awareness and sensitivity; and consciousness-raising tools are difficult to find, and they're not usually so world-savvy: that is, they're rarely grounded in actual experience.

Really, I'm amazed anyone finds any peace of mind at all. It is a struggle if not, it takes experience. And as Lou Reed said, a busload of faith.

My job these days is to fashion tools. Using astrology, spiritual paths, and everything I've learned both in therapy and working with people, I make resources that will help you learn, seek self-understanding, and meet the world around you eye to eye. I don't provide answers. I'm good at something much better, and more relevant, which is helping you to ask the right questions.

I reckon that with the world as overly complicated and insane as it is, astrology is one of the few tools capable of embracing both problem and solution, both private and collective. This is the gift we have, which we need like never before.

My approach to astrology is designed to point you inward, in a way that feels safe, sane and loving. Right now I'm working on a new project, timed for spring 2017: INVOLUTION: The Revolution is Within.


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What Do You Want For Your Year, Gemini?
The essence of mental discipline is the constant focus on your values and your priorities. Know why you’re doing what you do at all times. Check back and make sure something is actually meaningful in the context of what you have determined that you want."
-- Eric Francis, in the 2017 annual reading for Gemini
Dear Reader with Gemini Sun or Rising (or Friend of a Gemini):

We've just come through one heck of a Mercury retrograde. In fact, since Mercury does not exit its shadow phase until this weekend, you might feel like The Trickster is still trying to get your attention with all kinds of surprises.

It might even be asking, "What do you want?"

Planet Waves
Your upcoming 2017 Gemini Birthday Reading will help you re-focus your answer to that question -- as well as offer a fresh perspective on how to move through the slower-moving astrology that's affecting your life deeply.

The Gemini reading contains two 30-minute segments of audio astrology, plus a tarot reading for your year (and an extended written description of your sign).

But really what you get is a dependable resource every time you listen to it -- and you can listen as many times as you like.
It has occurred to me before that your understanding of Gemini is quite extraordinarily precise and I meant to give you that feedback but never quite found the right moment. There is always such wealth of information in what you broadcast."
-- Alexandra Marx, Gemini
Eric 'gets' Geminis: he gets that you're more than just a good talker; he gets that you're not all secret double-agents. Most of all, he gets that some very sensitive areas of your chart have some very powerful planets moving through them -- and that you're in a position to make the most of what is being offered to you.

When you pre-order your 2017 Gemini Reading for $24.24, you lock in the lowest price Planet Waves offers. The price will increase as publication nears; it's well worth it, but Eric likes to reward those who sign on early.
"Eric, you are so right on! Your reading engenders within me feelings of you somehow being able to get inside my mind, inside my heart, and inside my most precious soul!"
-- Ann Cortese, B.S., M.P.S.
With a friendly, accessible, inspiring approach, Eric designs his audio readings to point you in the direction of your highest potential. It's like getting a chart reading and a life-coaching session all in one -- for a fraction of the cost. I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. If you're not a Gemini but happen to care about one, you can also take advantage of the discounted price when you pre-order the 2017 Gemini Birthday Reading as a gift.
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This Week on Planet Waves
Planet Waves
Let Your Body Talk -- and Then Listen
We're now in the last several days of solar Taurus. Fittingly, this week's more prominent astrology is keeping some focus on the body; specifically, as Amanda Painter notes, the role your body has in keeping you informed of the less tangible facets of your being -- and its ability to point you in the direction of healing.
Planet Waves
Steve Guettermann suggests we live in a quandary: we are to care for our planet and one another, yet lack the mental capacity to know why. Conscious human evolution is the tool we have to unlock the secrets of life and release ourselves from this bind. Steve contemplates these ideas and more.
Planet Waves
Trump Fires FBI Chief Amidst Russia Investigation
Last week, Donald Trump fired James Comey, the director of the FBI. The facts and particulars are extremely complicated, and are changing by the hour. But as Eric writes in Thursday's full edition, this is what you get when you have a paranoid, narcissistic, borderline-personality person in a position of extreme power.
Planet Waves
No Easy Way, Just Another Growth Opportunity
You might still be feeling some ripples (or navigating some rapids) after last week's Scorpio Full Moon. As Amanda Painter writes, sometimes a little framing after the fact can be very helpful in getting grounded enough to meet what's next on the horizon, especially when Mars square Neptune is also part of the picture.
Planet Waves
A Fresh Start
The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all now moving towards emblematic refreshment -- in the form of changing sign (the Sun) or entering a new section of zodiac post-retrograde (Mercury and Venus). If you could use some refreshment yourself, Len Wallick today proposes a simple and practical way to get some.
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Democracy Now! Pick of the Week
Senior White House officials were apparently so alarmed by Donald Trump's disclosures of classified intelligence to Russia that they called the CIA and National Security Agency afterward to warn them of what had happened. Officials expressed concern Trump's comments would jeopardize critical intelligence.
Latest Comics
Planet Waves
What more would it take to Dump Trump?
Donald Trump is already the most absurd US president ever. Jen Sorensen imagines how bizarre things need to get before the GOP will act.
Planet Waves
Of Course Trump Has a Healthcare Plan
In 2036, everyone who can afford healthcare while living on the Moon will have it! Matt Bors looks to the familiar future.
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