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Festival of Eclipses and Jerry Garcia at 75

Dear Friend and Listener:

[Play program here] Today would have been Jerry Garcia's 75th birthday, and commemorating that I have a musically rich program. I've squeezed my brain, my iTunes library and the internet to find the best of Jerry for those listening for the first time, or with new ears.

I've skipped over the 25-minute jams and the frightening hard rock, and begin with Garcia the bluegrass player; then play a gospel tune before offering a few well-chosen Grateful Dead numbers.

Planet Waves
Jerry Garcia photographed by Robbi Cohn, friend of Planet Waves, at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA, on June 30, 1995.
Today's edition of Planet Waves FM takes you on a tour of the world, beginning with the question: how often do you freak out? Then we look at eclipses both lunar and solar, considering the implications thereof.

Monday's lunar eclipse happens with the Moon and Sun at 15+ degrees of the fixed signs -- at Lammas or midsummer holiday, and setting off the Aries Point.

The pace of events is already moving faster than anyone can keep track. Developments from four days ago seem like they happened months ago.

Then two weeks later, the solar eclipse is all over the United States of America and also all over the chart of Donald Trump. What is the connection? Are astrologers really "freaking out" or is there just a low-key conversation going on? Here's the shrieking, white-hot sphere of pure rage that in 2012 The Onion predicted would be the 2016 GOP frontrunner.

After going over the astrology, I give a brief talk on The Gemstone File, which we published with your help last week. What was it like to publish 250,000 pages from the files of Monsanto, GE, Westinghouse, Dow, DuPont, the EPA, the Navy and the Air Force? It was just what you would expect!

Finally, in the Realm of Tantra, I consider what it means that Anthony Scaramucci broke the autofellatio barrier, which I take as a segue into understanding the power of inappropriateness. All of tantra takes place in the realm of taboo. If it's "normal" or "socially acceptable," it's in the way.

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PS -- Songs on tonight's program are: Whiskey in the Jar; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Uncle John's Band; Lazy River Road; Terrapin Station; Ripple and then Ripple covered by Jane's Addiction.
Planet Waves
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I've been a devoted student of eclipses since beginning astrology. Here's some of my earlier writing, published before the grand cross and total solar eclipse of Aug. 11, 1999. These few paragraphs below will give you a feeling for just how significant eclipses are. This one is one of the most important in American history, which I've covered here.
Eclipses are astrology we can't deny. If there is a conjunction between Saturn and Uranus, it's invisible, and while many people may experience changes, only astrologers and their merry bands of readers and students know what's shappening. Yet when the Sun vanishes, you can be sure that normal activity will come to a stop.

Our busy world will pause, and everyone, from herbicide activists nestled in the hills of Oregon to rock stars in Nashville, will stand in the silent shadow of the cosmic order with the astonishment of small children coursing in their hearts.

This doesn't happen often, and you can imagine the awesome power of so many people embraced in a kind of simultaneous, captive meditation as everything around them momentarily ceases to be normal. Call it a reality lapse, only it's one into which the real reality can flow very easily.

In terms of their astrological meaning, eclipses of the Sun follow this image of collective awareness and radical break of continuity. Whether you can see the eclipse does not matter; part of the miracle of astrology is it works anyway. As many of us are discovering personally, eclipses are expanded moments of often uncontrollable, unpredictable change. They also bring the civilization and its communities together, usually through important collective events and the media.

Eclipses are evolutionary gateways, which is another way of saying that when they show up, we do a lot of growing in a short time. Delays are compensated. Old accounts can be wiped clean. While each is unique, eclipses often feel like being shot through a funnel of space-time, and we emerge somewhere different than where we entered. The key to making the best use of them is to move with the energy, not cling to anything or anyone too tightly, and to stay open.

Literally, breathe, communicate, feel, love, observe and receive. Remember your intentions. The sense of panic that sometimes accompanies them yields nicely to awareness and revelation, mental conditions that are more natural than we often realize.
Planet Waves

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