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Video still from Bombs by Faithless. Play a new version of the video here.
Tonight on Planet Waves FM
So Much More Than I Thought This World Could Ever Hold

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight I have for you some healing balm, in this world of threats of bombs [play the new Planet Waves FM here]. 

Here's something: at the moment, we are quite literally on the brink of nuclear war, or some nuclear exchange, with North Korea. This mutual insanity is being fueled by the noose closing in around Donald Trump, who is likely to act in ever-stranger, more insane ways as his crimes come closer to being exposed. What can we do about it? One thing we can start with is simply waking up.

Tonight I read the astrology I describe in Monday's edition -- the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, Mercury mixing it up with Chiron, Pholus and the Galactic Center, and Mars opposite Neptune. All of these aspects are interwoven into one of the most transformational setups in recent memory or much further. Unlike an eclipse, we're not being pushed over a brink but rather invited to pay attention.

My musical guest is Faithless, who we met earlier this year. There are some magnificent songs, featuring the likes of Dido and Harry Collier on vocals. 

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We're also sponsored indirectly by your memberships to Planet Waves, and by my reading projects, which are described below. Note, I am planning to have the Libra reading ready this week.

With love, your faithful astrologer,

Turn Up the Flame with Your Libra Birthday Reading
Awesome, so uplifting and so 'IT' -- a wonderful birthday message. Eric, thank you. Your service has reached farther and deeper than you know. Turn up the flame on the human blow-torch, baby.
-- Eryca Willinger
Dear Friend and Reader:

Your birthday season has begun, and this year it's extra special. Just as the Sun is making its way through the early degrees of your sign, it forms a conjunction with the asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes devotion, the sacred flame and the hearth.

Planet Waves
This distinctive conjunction offers you the opportunity to lend your energies to what you're passionate about -- what matters to you the very most.

Your 2017-18 Libra Birthday Reading by Eric Francis will give you on-point and accurate guidance to help you optimize your power and direct it where you need it to go.

Your forthcoming solar year will also see Saturn entering your fellow cardinal sign Capricorn; and Chiron entering your relationship sign Aries. Eric will discuss all this and more, in a friendly, accessible recording you can come back and listen to as often as you need.

The Libra birthday reading will contain two 30-minute segments of audio astrology, plus a tarot reading for your year (and an extended written description of your sign).
As always, your reading is spot on and validates what I am experiencing in life at this time. The sheer acknowledgment that as a Libra I need balance, beauty and aesthetics in my life to make me tick on, balanced, in my day-to-day endeavors and consequently some very huge endeavors for the year was just what I needed to keep going.
-- Ginger Aarons
Pre-order your Libra birthday reading here for the earliest price of just $33. Note that once the reading is published, the price will increase -- so you'll want to get your copy very soon.

Thank you for your business. May the light of your hearth shine bright.

With best wishes,
Planet Waves
Amy Elliott

P.S. This reading makes an excellent and lasting gift for the Libra you know and love -- and is also incredibly well-suited for anyone with Libra rising or a Libra Moon.

Attention Leo and Virgo: your birthday readings are available for instant access.

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Planet Waves
Astrology Impacting the World is Influencing You
"The truth is I rely on what Eric says. I have always been a follower of astrology, but listening to Eric has been a learning, growing, enlightening experience."
-- Annie Parisella
Dear Friend and Reader:

News events the past month have demonstrated that the Great American Eclipse has had a global effect, and a profound impact on the United States -- and that's apparently not over. This same astrology is having many personal effects as well, shaping your life and presenting you with challenges and options.

We have an easy-to-use tool that will help you suss out what those influences are about: this includes both the eclipse and forthcoming transits extending well past 2018.

Planet Waves
Eric sharing his wisdom in the Capricorn Midyear reading.
Astrology happens.

When you have an understanding of its meaning, you're at a distinct advantage.

When you don't know, information that could help you is not available. That's why Eric works so diligently to make astrology clear, easy to follow and easy to apply to your life.

If you have not yet purchased Eric's Midyear Reading for 2017 -- In the Shadow of the Moon -- you may find that it's exactly what you're looking for. It may even be just the thing you had no idea you needed -- especially if you thought this set of readings for the 12 signs was only about the recent eclipse. It is not.

Yes, Eric uses the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse as a starting point. But the 2017 Midyear Reading looks into the next few months and even into 2018 -- outlining the major planetary sign changes coming up and what that means for you.

Chiron will be exiting Pisces and entering Aries; Saturn bids adieu to Sagittarius and comes 'home' to Capricorn; and Uranus will leave Aries behind and light up Taurus for a few years. No matter what your Sun, Moon or rising sign might be, these shifts to the astrological landscape will have a specific impact in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Louis Pasteur wrote that fortune favors the prepared mind; when you prepare your heart and soul at the same time with the 2017 Midyear Reading by Eric Francis, the door of opportunity tends to open that much wider.
"I purchased the midyear reading for my sign, and it is right on point, especially with both eclipses in August."
-- Gayook Wong
And if things have been rocky for you lately -- or if you still feel upended by whatever the recent pair of eclipses brought -- a little spiritual centering and grounding and perspective-shifting a la Planet Waves could very well help you to make sense of it all. I hope you'll give it a try; individual signs are available here -- or, you can still order all 12 as a complete package here.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
Planet Waves Astrology Editor
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