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Aquarius New Moon, now and 1962. Is Covid shot a panacea? Continued international reverb from Dr. Stephen Bustin’s interview on last week’s program

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Thank you to the many listeners who signed up as supporters in response to last week’s program. For the first time, information reported exclusively on Planet Waves FM became the subject of international debate — in particular, the interview with Dr. Stephen Bustin, renowned as one of the world’s greatest experts on the polymerase chain reaction device.

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Our Coverage Helped Push The New York Times to do Honest Coverage of the Covid Test — And They Did

Our persistent work last year helped push The New York Times to do honest coverage of problems with the test — or at least one of the many problems, the cycle threshold issue.

I have a long relationship with the newspaper, and I know how they respond to the pressures placed on them by the “alternative media.” In fact small publications are the sources of many of their articles, though they often go uncredited for their original work.

I have worked many of my own articles into the Times, both with and without credit. I know how they think and how they work, and I continue to pursue this as an issue with them regularly.

Aquarius 1962 and Aquarius Today

The new Planet Waves FM, which I plan to release Friday at 10 pm EST, will continue that discussion with additional analysis of the Steven Bustin interview.

Aquarius New Moon of February 1962 included more planets in Aquarius than we have now. This was a total solar eclipse with all of the classical planets in Aquarius. How did this presage the decade ahead?
I’ll also do a chart comparison between the Aquarius New Moon of 1962 and the one that took place Thursday. I missed that the sky at that time was brimming with even more Aquarius than we have today. (Take a look for a preview.)

What I am wondering is in what way that chart presaged the events of the decade to come. To that discussion I will bring the best of my study in 1960s history.

Then we come to a significant matter: Is the Covid injection a panacea? This week, the most famous American horoscope writer said, “The coronavirus vaccines are a triumph. They are saving lives today; they will help end this pandemic eventually; and they will pay scientific dividends for generations.”

Is that really a responsible thing to say? Does such a statement qualify as balanced journalism, or as supporting informed consent? According to CDC data, the first six weeks there were 501 deaths and 10,748 injuries from the injection.

How about this, from one of the most renowned astrologers, authors and teachers of astrology: “Since I am not an expert, I bow to the advice of people such as Dr. Fauci. I trust his judgment more than I trust my own.”

Asking the Doctor the Right Questions

Here we have one of the most venerated astrologers of our time saying that he trusts a government bureaucrat more than he trusts himself — notably, an official with a very troubling history, and a long one, spanning seven presidencies. Regardless, many of my clients have seen the problems that arise when they trust a doctor’s judgment more than their own.

Part of what I do in my consulting practice is help people learn how to ask their doctor the right questions. I promise to do a segment on this soon: it is essential information, and we need it now.

In our world, drugs, vaccines and chemicals are innocent until proven guilty. That is the wrong approach, if we want to stay healthy. You may read some of my previous coverage of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in this article about a Chiron Return project from 2017. This is the stunning story of IBT Labs, a story of the total failure of the regulatory process.

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