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What our readers and listeners have said about our first year covering Covid — and the list of internationally acclaimed scientists and doctors who have appeared on the program

Dear Friend and Listener:

I am taking a few weeks off from Planet Waves FM, though I wanted to share with you two items of possible interest — and ask for your support in the work we are doing.

Chiron Return is the small nonprofit that publishes both Planet Waves FM and Covid19 News. Planet Waves FM has roots back into the 1990s on WDST-Radio Woodstock.

Eric Francis.
We began Covid19 News on March 3. Since then, we have updated this publication 1,400 times with the most panoramic view of the situation that we know of. We also organize an investigative reporting team that trains people in the basic arts of research and journalism.

We have covered every angle of the Covid issue, from holistic health to the CDC; from the vaccine to issues surrounding the test; from the history of viruses to the history of viruses taking the blame for toxic chemicals.

We have done some of the best, most incisive coverage of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) device that appears anywhere.

Your Feedback: Calls for a Pulitzer Prize

Here is what our readers have to say, beginning with, "Eric, you and your team should win a Pulitzer for this brilliant work." Last night I was on the phone with a listener who said she was sure we would receive one.

The role of journalism is to present a complete and honest picture of a situation: to give all sides of the story, especially the unpopular ones.

To that end, I have hosted more than 18 medical doctors, research scientists, former government officials and holistic practitioners (on the program of an astrologer!).

Here is a complete list of our guests so far. These link to the program where they appear.

Early on, I said it was difficult together guests to go on the record. But that changed as my coverage grew more impressive. My guests ranged from New York's venerated wildlife pathologist, to scientists at the heart of the issue on the validity of the test and the existence of the virus. Please — take a look.

Every Dollar You Give Turns into $10 Worth of Results

If I were a donor to a nonprofit that did this kind of work, I would be very impressed. I can tell you that each dollar you give is multiplied tenfold by our efforts and tapping into the existing organizational resources of Planet Waves.

If you listen to Planet Waves FM or visit Covid19 News, please, make a donation to our work, large or small, one-time or monthly. Every one counts. Thank you. If you cannot afford money, please help by spreading the word.

If you manage a charitable family trust and want to sponsor an initiative, an employee or a special investigation, please contact me directly by emailing or calling (845) 481-5616.

It has been an intense year doing this work. We have risen to the occasion without flinching, and sparing no effort to get to the truth. As Paul Simon said, that's worth some money.

Thank you for your support and your trust.

With love,

PS — You are welcome to call us with any questions you may have. I will answer when I hear the phone, or someone else will, or we'll call you right back. The best number is (845) 481-5616.

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