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New Planet Waves Astrology Class Series
Study of Self, the World, and Where They Meet

Dear Friend and Reader:

I'm here with news about a new astrology class series.

I'm offering this at a time when the world has never been in a more serious state of strife. Many people are turning to astrology for answers. The question is, are they getting reliable and helpful information? Astrology can serve well — in the right hands.

Eric Francis.
My classes are designed for beginners and also for people who have studied astrology for a while, but who have not been able to tie it all together. They are not about being an expert; they are about exploring something creative, helpful and healing.

NOTE, these classes are self-paced. They are more than a video meeting! There are also audio presentations, interviews, and reading materials (mostly by me). We have discount pricing and pay-over-time options. Write to us for more information.

I practice and teach astrology as an excellent form of creative self-study, combined with understanding the ways of the world. Most approaches to life are either personal or social/political.

Existence takes place on the frontier where the two meet. This is perfectly suited for astrology, which places you right in the middle of the 12 houses; right in the middle of the world.

We Need a New Form of Self-Therapy

We need a new approach to self-therapy and self-actualization. While astrology is an old tool, it can provide an excellent forum for growth and awareness. It can handle the complexity and chaos of life, and also provide elegantly simple, useful ideas at the same time. This will take the development of an approach, and a conversation among those learning.

As you may know, my journey through astrology began with a spiritual path (primarily, A Course in Miracles). Then I went into esoteric studies, followed by intensive therapy and training, and finally studying and practicing astrology. Along the way I have been a devoted student of homeopathy. All of this was mingled with worldwide travel and living abroad (working as a journalist, astrologer and horoscope writer).

I bring every aspect of this in my approach to astrology and teaching. Here is an overview, if you want to jump right to it. Note that the classes are presented in an integrated approach with audio, video and written materials. Each will become a world of its own.

NOTE: Tuition levels are shown at full fare. Please note that there are a diversity of tuition discounts, for Planet Waves members, for purchasing all the classes, and for financial hardship. Please write to us if you are seeking a tuition discount.

One thing I've added is a supervised study option, with several individual or small-group sessions where we can address your specific questions.

Aside, here is new information about my consulting.

The First Two Classes

The first two classes in the series are focused on the purpose of learning how to frame and use astrology in the most practical sense. What is it? How does it work?

My first class of the season — the Philosophy of Astrology — addresses how you get knowledge from an astrology chart. How do you know what you're saying is true and accurate, or whether you're making stuff up? How do you go from symbols and cycles to lived reality? This includes a module that describes classical astrology and humanistic astrology, the two most important influences on what we do today.

The second class is about How to Read Your Own Natal Chart. This is the starting point for most students, and it can be perilous territory, as there are plenty of books that are designed to teach you to hate yourself, and can give the idea that you're a substandard human. My approach addresses human potential.

Please check the overview for the class bundle, the supervised study option and individual classes. All Planet Waves members get substantial discounts. Please write to us for more information.

Thank you for your business and your trust.



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