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Astrology Studio Flash Sale: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Dear Friend and Reader:

On offer to you today are three Astrology Studios at flash sale, and pre-sale pricing. First off, Eric's two most recent Astrology Studios, Taurus and Aries, are now available for purchase at the price of $33. And the upcoming Gemini Astrology Studio is currently available for $22.

These in depth, 75-minute audio readings contain the sincerity and insight found in Eric's written work, while also providing a listening experience that invites you into a reflective space where you can calmly figure matters out. You'll feel informed; you'll feel acknowledged; and you'll want to listen more than once.

Read on below where you can learn a little more about each reading, and where you may also find links to purchase the readings at the updated price. If you are interested in one of the other signs not listed here, we will honor the flash sale price.


Spencer Stevens

Taurus has been one of Eric's special study projects over the years. One of the signs least understood in most books you will read, there is raw energy under the surface of people with strong Taurus that must be directed, nurtured and groomed.

Then, it can become an unstoppable force of nature: of art, of service, of any other form of creativity. That is the thing about Taurus: it is both elegance, and its momentum. But now you are relying on your deepest inner strength. Be glad you have access to it.

Your Taurus studio reading is a 75 minute audio, where you will learn not just about your current transits (Chiron in Aries, Uranus and Sedna in your sign, Pluto in your fellow Earth sign Capricorn), but also about the underlying nature of this thing we call Taurus.

You may purchase it here at the price of $33.

Here is what recent customers have had to say:

“This last year's reading for Aries was amazingly accurate in terms of what is going on in my life. Thank you so much.”
“Eric Francis gets Taurus like Melissa McCarthy gets Sean Spicer. 'The most mental sign'? Who else says that, plus connects it to the air signs (and to Virgo) with such clarity? The reading beautifully sets up the upcoming Venus retrograde. Spending an hour with these pages offers gentle encouragement toward self-acceptance, expression, and leadership, tailored to the energies of the year ahead.”
“I've known Eric Francis and his work since 1997. He was my lifeline, which helped through 15 years of raising two boys solo, and still he's still helping me through life/identity crisis, post children…his vision is uncanny — he seems to know Taureans better than we know ourselves.”
“I loved the Taurus reading. It felt like he was in the room, just without a body. With eyes closed, he was here! It's an accomplishment of communication in my book. Let alone the content…so grateful.”

Gemini, by its very nature, is multifaceted while also very much human — it is the first human sign in the Zodiac, in fact. As much as society may try to stamp it out, curiosity is an innate capacity wanting to be expressed through humanity; that is, the desire to know and learn the many facets of our existence.

If there was ever a time where a wider, more informed worldview was needed to guide us collectively, now is that time. And Gemini is where that takes place.

The upcoming Gemini studio reading will be a 75-minute audio reading where Jupiter's upcoming move into Pisces, and Mercury retrograde will be discussed.

You may buy that here at the price of $22. Note: this is a preorder. The reading will be distributed May 20.

Chiron in Aries is still the most important news in astrology. It is the key to understanding what's happening in Aquarius, as Chiron is always concerned about your personhood, your growth and your process of self-discovery. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are turning up the heat on tribalism. Chiron in Aries is a reminder: you must be your own person who makes your own decisions. This astrology is must-know material.

The Aries Astrology Studio reading also explores all of the major events around the wheel, including relationships and the need for a common language (Logos in Libra), how to ride financial ups and downs, and reinvent yourself in a new economy (Uranus in Taurus) and other helpful elements.

When you purchase this reading, you will also receive the Chiron transit supplement audio reading, alongside the 75-minute Aries reading. You may purchase the reading here at the price of $33.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

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