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Planet Waves 2007 Almanac
Brussels, Monday, Jan. 15, 2007

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In From the Wilderness...

Dear Friends and Readers:

Over the weekend, rescuers were able to reach Carolyn Dorn, a hiker who had been stranded in the New Mexico wilderness for more than a month. After an extensive search on horseback, on foot and with dogs, authorities had given up -- then weeks later, two brothers, Albert and Peter Kottke, found her on Sunday.

"They realized Dorn was too weak to get out of the wilderness with them and left her Tang, almonds, dried apples, hot soup and cheese. They also filled her water bottles and left her a book -- Michael Connelly's Chasing the Dime," according to the Associated Press. "Dorn told the brothers she was warm enough at night, but her eyes lit up when they offered her the book."

Well, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for being a writer, and it's reassuring to know that even if someone's been sleeping outside in sub-freezing temperatures and hasn't eaten for a while, they can get more excited about a book than they do about hot food.

Hopefully, you're not feeling quite as lost in the wilderness as Carolyn Dorn was (I would not blame you if you are, however; the world is in a strange state at the moment), but we are on our way with a good book.

As old readers may know, and new readers may not, each year the Planet Waves staff creates a kind of yearbook that covers some of the more significant issues of our moment in history, as well as offering your year-ahead forecasts. This is not your average annual horoscope with fluff about "love and money" that you forget ever you read. Rather, it is a complete website, written by many of our best writers, tackling subjects from civil rights to the state of water on the planet; from the long history of Pluto crossing the Galactic Core, to the story of a woman transitioning into a new family situation after her divorce, so she could stay close to her children.

The astrology section, 12 articles covering the signs, is book-length; that is my contribution to the project this year. The signs are both detailed and cross-referenced, so that you will have the equivalent of a personal astrology reading, covering many of the newer and less-understood astrological factors that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Even by our usual standards, this is an unusual annual edition, and we are eager to give it to you.

Now, in reality, we're about one week behind where we were last year, and we're nearly done. However, we're in different astrological territory than I planned to publish in, and we've made a decision to hold off going live until the Sun reaches Aquarius on Saturday. This is also after the Cap New Moon, so we'll be starting on new solar and lunar cycles.

Below, you'll find three of our prior annual editions to keep you busy reading this week while you wait so patiently in the wilderness.

If you would like to find out more about 2007 right away, however, I (once again) suggest you check out our new project, the 2007 Almanac (which is in part why we're running late on the annual edition). Now, "almanac" is not exactly a descriptive term for this e-book, and in fact it's not so easy to describe. So instead, here is a free sample -- which gives you a bit of the Eris article, all of January and a bit more. The sample is a PDF, just like the book. Have a look, and if you like it, you can get access for just $9.95.

The Spiral Door annual edition is included with your subscription, but in fact, it's been sponsored by sales of the Almanac. Have a look -- you'll see why it's selling so amazingly well.

Below are some of our recent annual editions.

See you with a regular Planet Waves Weekly on Friday.

Yours truly,
Eric Francis

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