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Brussels, July 20, 2007

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Small World Stories: the 2008 Planet Waves Annual Edition

Hello Planet Wavers,

I'm here with you fresh from a staff meeting with a few announcements about the 2008 annual edition of Planet Waves -- our 10th annual edition as we begin our 10th year on the Internet!

It's called Small World Stories. This is an edition with a double theme. In addition to your annual horoscopes, there are two other parts. Part one will be written by you, our esteemed readers.

Have you ever gone to a faraway place you've never been, and run into someone you haven't seen for 20 years, such as your middle school librarian? Did you have a twin brother at birth who was adopted by another family, and then he ended up living in the same town as you? Have you experienced any odd synchronicities or events that made you say wow, it really is a small world? Please get ready to submit your Small World Story.

Second, we need an editor for this section. Each year the annual has a new editor, which gives the project a fresh feeling. The editor will coordinate content, make sure it conforms to our typing style, clarify questions with the writers, make corrections and generally keep that section tied together and submit it on time. The ideal candidate does not have a big investment in the holidays (minimal family commitments), knows how to manage their time, has editing talent, and is very good at doing detailed work on time. You will be communicating with Planet Waves readers who are submitting the content. This is a volunteer position (small honorarium will be paid) that will be active between August and November. You will also be needed at press time -- now planned for Dec. 22 (with publication scheduled for Jan. 3).

The other "small world" theme will be minor planets. We are gathering all our research on the Centaurs (Chiron and cousins) and trans-Neptunian objects (Pluto and puppies) for a one of a kind minor planet section like only Planet Waves can do it. This will cover Ceres as well, and some of the Centaurs you keep hearing about that you may not have figured out yet (such as Pholus and Nessus) and we will take another look at Eris. This has been in the works for a while, and now seems like the time to pull it together.

Last announcement, we will be charging for this project. Traditionally, the annual has been included with subscriptions. Yet it's a project that takes six months with 25 people working on it (no kidding), and this year it's going to be a fundraiser for Planet Waves. Small World Stories will be $14.95 for subscribers and $21.95 for non-subscribers.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you are applying for the editor position, please send a short, concise email stating your skills and availability to

Thank you!

Chelsea Bottinelli

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