2007 Almanac

Brussels, January 17, 2007

Dear Friend and Reader:

This is to let you know that part three of the almanac has been posted, which takes us through September. There is one additional section to post in this series. We will then let you know about supplements, the first of which that we are planning is Minor Planet Supplement #1, covering several of the minor planets I mention regularly, including Chiron, Nessus, Pholus and Quaoar.

Please note that a number of problems with earlier PDFs have been fixed, usually within hours of being noticed, so please download the newer editions and delete the older ones.

We do appreciate your pointing out errors; as you know, there are thousands of facts in this book, and facts can be a challenge to keep straight. If you notice something that doesn't look right, please cross-reference it elsewhere in the book, since many things are mentioned several times.

We are keeping the latest editions on the project's homepage, which is here below. Once again the login is "almanac" and the password is "fresca" -- without the quote marks.


There is a section called Rush Job News, which gives updates on problems and corrections, just so you know we're on the case. The Daily Aspects with Times section is the full listing of the daily aspects, rather than the edited version you have in the printable edition. For information about how we made the selections, please see the introduction. We have also included the birth chart of Eris.

For those who are not subscribers to our regular service, Planet Waves Weekly, we are close to going live with the Spiral Door annual edition of Planet Waves, a separate project from the Almanac. This includes 12 full-length articles (about 3,000 words each, like a personal reading) covering your astrology for 2007, which are cross-referenced to include much additinoal information about career, relationships and home.

As well, about 15 other writers have contributed articles. Currently, the annual is free to subscribers of Planet Waves Weekly. In a little while, we will begin offering it separately, as will be true of the 2008 annual.

Once again I would like to thank the awesome Almanac and Annual Edition teams, who have worked tirelessly for months on these projects, and who will be credited in full in the Spiral Door annual edition website that is coming Saturday.

Very truly yours,
Eric Francis

For the Spiral Door team —
Anatoly, Arwynne, Chelsea, Christine, Deirdre, Jessica, Kirsti, Paloma, Priya & Tracy