2007 Almanac

Brussels, Belgium, EU
Monday, Jan. 22, 2007

Dear Friend and Reader:

You are one of our Almanac subscribers. While your purchase did not originally include the Spiral Door annual edition of Planet Waves, that is, the annual horoscope webspace, in fact Almanac purchasers made creation of this project possible. So I would like to include you, if you don't happen to already be a subscriber of Planet Waves Weekly. The Spiral Door, the ninth annual edition of Planet Waves, is indeed ready. You may access the area with the following log and pass combination: please log in as "spiral" and password "vesta".

To find the Spiral Door area, click the little galaxy tab on the top left of the homepage (which will be its permanent home), click the banner above, or go directly to this link:


As you will soon discover, this is a rather unusual Internet publication. It includes in-depth horoscope analysis for the 12 signs, as well as more than a dozen articles by some of the most talented Planet Waves writers. Please do not miss the chart resource area, even if only to experience the color and beauty of the charts.

In the next week or so, we will be adding audio for the 12 signs, which will be made available to our Eros Area members. If you would like access to that, please upgrade to Gold membership, which you can do by calling Chelsea at (877) 453-8265. I will post a note when that is done. Speaking of audio, tonight I've done a 30 minute webcast introducing you to the Spiral Door, and reading some of the sections, which you will find linked from the project's homepage, above.

Thanks to our readers for your patience, thank you Planet Wavers the world over for your inspiring creativity and dedication to this gig, and well, good heavens: it is really nice to be done. It's really great to be done.

Yours and truly,
Eric Francis

For the Spiral Door team —
Anatoly, Arwynne, Chelsea, Christine, Deirdre, Jessica, Kirsti, Paloma, Priya & Tracy