2007 Almanac

Brussels, Belgium, EU
Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2007

Dear Friend and Almanac Subscriber:

Last night in a letter announcing the passwords for the Spiral Door annual edition webspace, I mistakenly left in a paragraph about the Eros Area (our premium upgrade area) having access to our forthcoming year-ahead audio horoscopes. We actually sent out an old version of the letter, written before our plan had changed. If you upgraded to Gold Membership today based on that promise, please call Chelsea and we will arrange a refund, or take care of it some other way.

We are developing the year-ahead Spiral Door audio horoscopes as separate product, and we'll be in touch as soon as that's ready.

Thank you.

Note also, we have added a new article to the Spiral Door collection, called "Greetings from the Galactic Core: Pluto Sends His Best." It's an excellent overview of the Core, its discovery, and of people and events that have GC influences.

There will be other updates to the section, but most won't be announced, so please check back regularly.

Thanks kindly,
Eric Francis

For the Spiral Door team —
Anatoly, Arwynne, Chelsea, Christine, Deirdre, Jessica, Kirsti, Paloma, Priya & Tracy