2007 Almanac

January 08, 2007

Dear Friend and Reader:

Thank you for purchasing the 2007 Almanac, the first edition of what we plan to make into an annual project. This letter includes your log and pass info, as well as some other hints.

First go here: http://planetwaves.net/almanac/

The login is: almanac and the password is: fresca

The Almanac will include the short edition of the Spiral Door annual horoscope (in part five, later this week); and the full edition (about 10 times longer) is available on the annual edition homepage, to subscribers of Planet Waves Weekly.

The Spiral Door annual edition includes a resource area and many excellent articles by some of the most talented Planet Waves writers. To subscribe to Planet Waves Weekly, please visit our sales page.

Please watch your mailbox for additional information, updates and supplements throughout the year.

Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy!

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis