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Kingston, NY, Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Rare sky, and an odd event
Dear Colleague:

Planet Waves
Chelsea, our business manager, just called me with an interesting tidbit sent in by a reader: it looks like someone is using my copy and signing their name to it. I am impressed -- it's the first time that has happened in 15 years of writing online. A few times someone has taken the horoscope without consent and included my name; one time someone pretended to be me and was even corresponding with me under my name; these rare events ended well.

Another astrologer using my work as his own is so ballsy that I just laughed. He calls himself "George Simon, the Cosmic Analyst." Here is his Facebook page and here is the blog entry that Chelsea sent.

An article that he signs with his name and a Sanskrit greeting to God bears an uncanny resemblance to my August monthly Planet Waves.

Does anyone know this Mr. Simon, or know of him? Don't worry, I am the friendly kind of Sicilian. In the first round, I will simply ask him to stop, and to acknowledge his error in writing. I would appreciate if you would post this around the Internet, such as to Facebook. Here is a Web link to this letter for that purpose.

Many thanks for your assistance,
Eric Francis
President and Publisher
Planet Waves, Inc.

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