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Kingston, NY, Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Billy Mays Would Love This Offer!

Dear Friend and Reader:

I'm here invoking the spirit of Billy Mays as your late-night television spokesman for personal growth.

Yes, it's summer and we have other things on our minds, and other financial priorities -- but I would never offer you something that isn't useful all year round. Good astrology is not only helpful, it's also difficult to find. We're here in the midst of three eclipses, and the astrology is running hot. There's a feeling of uneasiness and potential in the air; we're all on the brink of something big.

The question is what. It may come down to a question of what to do; in which case, the more information you have, the better.

I can't help you slice your vegetables, light up that odd closet space or get the stains out of your carpet -- but I can offer you a source of ideas and information designed to foster both inner awareness and a sense of connection to the world. My motivation for writing astrology is about tapping into ideas that give us all a sense of mission and purpose, but one that comes from inside. As for "the world" -- it's a rather fearsome place these days, or at least filled with messages designed to make us scared. I do my best to use Planet Waves as a way to see past that, and to envision something else.

I do my best to provide astrology that you can depend on, and I'm here with a special offer for you. Its one of our rare combo offers for Planet Waves services: renew your subscription for six months and we'll include all 12 signs of Next World Stories and the Midyear Horoscope Report. The total value of these products at full price is about $128; today we're offering them for $66.This will have you set as a subscriber through the autumn, so you'll also receive the subscriber pre-order discount for the 2010 annual edition, which is generally a savings of more than half off the price. Here is the ordering link for the three-in-one combo offer.

I know you may have already purchased one or more of these services; in which case, you're invited to share that with a friend. If you've only read your own sign in Next World Stories (our annual edition for 2009, featuring sign reports at 3,500 words per sign), it's helpful to know the astrology connected with your Moon sign and your rising sign; or your significant other's astrology.

As you already know about Planet Waves, I strive to keep it real. I don't write about romance; I write about relationships. I don't make predictions; I show you some of the options for how to negotiate your future. And then for me as a writer and editor, there is the biggest piece: we are all striving for connection. We are looking for community, and a community of ideas. The piece I can offer here is to help open up a different version of the future than the one we're commonly given -- a future that's only meaningful to the extent that we consider it together.

There is indeed a different way of looking at the world. Here is something that I don't get to say very often: I am counting on you to help me find it. I depend on your ideas, feedback and involvement to help create a new reality. You know it, and I know it: we can only do this together.

Thanks for your presence. I truly mean that: you are the reason I get up every morning so consistently and do this work; or rather we are: the word is dharma. I never heard Billy Mays say that word -- but I know he only pitched products he truly believed in. In that way, I can fully relate.

Yours & truly,

PS, we are now planning the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves, and you're invited to take part. Here is more information about that.

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