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Whats behind the Spiral Door?
Brussels, Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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Planet Waves 2007 Almanac

What our Blogs and Bloggers Are Up To...

What our Blogs and Bloggers Are Up To...

Dear Friend and Reader:

As many of you know, I 'retired' my daily world affairs blog this summer (after two years of very intense world affairs), but we have recently introduced some new projects, including the daily Quote of the Day feature.

This is actually a daily commentary on the aspects of that day and the immediate vicinity, as well as a selected archive quote that has relevance now. Some is written in collaboration with other writers, and some I write myself -- but the new and innovative thing is that I am blogging on astrology, and it's fun and exciting. This feature appears seven days a week on the Subscriber Homepage and on Page Two.

We are using the Quote of the Day project as an introductory class for our new writers and editors, to teach basic astrological literacy -- which we then pass along to our readers. It's also a good way to acquaint readers with our subscriber services, and to keep our minds on what has been published before.

In addition, I am doing periodic updates and occasional special series at my personal blog at There is now a full archive of those projects, dating back two years (which also includes the full, two-year archives of the original daily world affairs blog).

We have many daily or near-daily features at Planet Waves, including two first-class political blogs. Steve Bergstein, our resident civil rights attorney, does a frequent blog called Psychsound. This is a no-bullshit look at the world we live in, written by an excellent young attorney and longtime friend of mine.

We also publish the Political Waves list, which has been in slow mode for a few weeks but is coming back up to speed this week. Jude is a master at blending the spiritual and the political and is, to my knowledge, the only blogger doing this with consistent excellence, bringing the darkness to the light every day.

Our cover photo is daily, and pictures are kept in a cover gallery that goes back about two years.

Based on our new design scheme, all articles that appear on the Front Page are also put onto Page Two, where they will collect.

As regards the Astrology Secrets Revealed forum, we're putting this into hibernation until mid-January. Most of the ASR team is now working on the annual edition and almanac, so we thought it would be good to focus.

We also host public forums, where members may contribute. If you're interested in serving as a volunteer moderator in one of these forums, please call Chelsea at (206) 567-4455. Thank you.

Finally, Paloma Todd, our photo editor, blogs in Spanish on her own website. Lots of nice pictures there too. (Para los que leen el español, Paloma Todd tiene un blog llamado Observatorio en el cual nos habla de sus aventuras en la vida y de astrología.)

Very truly yours,
Eric Francis

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