Astrology and Adventure from Planet Waves
Astrology and Adventure from Planet Waves
Eric Francis
Dear Friend and Reader:

I'm here with a brief note to let you know that I've returned to daily blogging on Planet Waves. You can find the new series at this link. The series, called "Daily Astrology & Adventure," is open to all readers of the website without a subscription fee.

Each day, I'll look at one aspect involving a newly discovered planet, as well as keep an eye on current events. All the day's mutual aspects will be listed, including those selected from a list of about 50 minor planets, as will a selection from the Planet Waves oracle.

The new format has a space for reader comments, and various widgets so you can subscribe to feeds as well.

I plan to update six days a week. Monday's update has just been posted.

I'll see you there -- and please spread the word. Once again, here is the direct link:

Many thanks,
Eric Francis

PS, to navigate to the daily from the homepage, go to the "Featured" tab and select "Planet Waves Daily."

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