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Kingston, NY, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009

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Dear Friend and Reader:

We have some exciting new posts on Daily Astrology & Adventure (our main blog) today, including the astrology of the Macintosh computer on its 25th anniversary, the astrology of The New York Times, and a post from Friday focusing on Mars and Eris.

Later in the weekend I'll have more to say about the solar eclipse overnight Sunday to Monday, in the tradition of Planet Waves' love affair with eclipses.

While I'm on the topic, I would like to invite you to comment on our posts. Some of the most insightful information we offer back to the pubic comes from our own readers. I have learned as much astrology from you as from anyplace else. To comment, you need to register within the Wordpress system that we use; your subscriber log and pass won't work.

I would like to thank our subscribers to Planet Waves Astrology News and Next World Stories. Your subscriptions make our excellent free services possible.

Enjoy the weekend. It's bright and sunny and really cold in upstate New York. I'm trying to coax myself out of the studio -- so in a moment I'm going to click "send," take hold of the camera bag...and step out onto North Front Street and head toward the Grandmother Land.

Peace & passion,
Eric Francis

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