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Kingston, NY, Monday, Sep. 10, 2007

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Dear Friend and Reader:

A FEW months ago, I promised you that I would be taking a month off while the Sun is in Virgo. That is obviously not happening quite that way, as the Sun is now at the Virgo midpoint, but I am going to take two weeks off from horoscopes and essays.

To those who may wonder why, I need to give my creative mind a rest, and get some of my affairs settled on the Stateside of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in a while.

I tend to work about seven days a week wherever I am traveling -- writing, editing, seeing clients and managing the business with Chelsea. Yesterday I noticed that I was feeling run out to the end of my reel -- and that was a sign that it was time to take a short break and give the well some time to replenish.

For the next few editions, I leave you in the competent hands of Judith Gayle, Kirsti Melto and other writers who join us. We are not up to stand-in horoscopes yet -- but Priya is doing her part to learn the craft.

I will be back when the Sun is in early Libra, at the mighty, mighty Equinox.

Until then, safe travels, and remember: the stars in their courses may guide us, it is we who take the steps and make the choices.

I sincerely thank you for your cooperation with taking the space to take care of myself.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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